Responsive Web Design, Floating, Re-sizing, W3C, and...

I think you get the picture.

My Comment: "I am sharing my notes and style of web development with you in hopes you can make a better site and share what you did with me."

Web Development and website building are in my opinion not the same as website designing.
My approach to building websites is simple and I keep in mind that I do not design websites nor do I work with graphics in websites.

Let me give you a little background that might help you understand why I develop based on no graphics in the website templates or base code.

My first website was eCommerce and our dial-up speeds averaged 14.4 to 28.8kbps which wasn't fast at all.
I had images of the products that I needed to load and by removing all other images I could speed up the load process with the slower modem dial-up connections.
As internet speeds came up so did my image count per page.

Fast forward today I work with a template which has No Images, 0, None, not a Gif in sight!
That's because I need to allow overhead for some of my advertisers and when you're on a mobile device you just don't need to be paying for my favorite background image or that slider image to load.
Even if you say you have unlimited data I don't want you waiting for graphics other than those that are informative or pay a return to the site I am developing.

In my Website Development section I will be sharing how I do things online and only what I have done that has offered positive change.

You have thousands of web development resources to choose from and hundreds of development paths to select from. It's important to find what you feel fits you and work to the standards goal and make things right.

Examples of Design Goals.
These are my actual design goals.
1. Build a site that offers modern information.
2. Build a site that loads in under 1 second.
3. Build a site that has advertisement revenue channels.
4. Build a site that can adapt to as many different devices and browsers as possible.
5. Monitor the site for improvement opportunities.

The site above takes more planning in the beginning but the goals are accomplished by the type of visitors it attracts.
On the other end, the same site (here) doesn’t make 0.01% of the revenue levels as the first site.
Why? Visitor Type.

I'll explain how you can use online free online tools and simple formulas to chart out the direction of your site. Are you looking to put together a mobile site? You need to know if you're attracting the correct group and setting goals and demographics as targets helps you get your site on target.

Page Status Alerts

Wednesday Dec 2 2015
How many times do you search your web logs to find all your error pages with the hope of fixing the page errors from 404 to 500? If you're like me, you have been using a script to email you when it happens so you can correct the issue quickly. Who wants to find out a page wasn't found for 30 days when you can find out the page wasn't found on the first hit. Good SEO work never ends and monitoring in real time your page response codes doesn't have to be as hard as you might think.

Sitemaps - RSS Feeds

Wednesday May 13 2015
Take the time and create your sitemaps, setup your RSS Feeds and forget about it. It is very easy to automate a process like RSS Feeds and Sitemaps. They were actually used as News Feeds for the longest time. You could use a RSS Reader and read the headliners. Then, if you liked it you could click the link and visit the article. Some of our old profile pages used Feeds.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Thursday Jan 15 2015
My Dashboard from my own Analytics settings. Now I can share and I can use what others have shared. I can't believe all this time I've been making my own when I could have just downloaded from the computer and spent my time playing instead of working. Dang, I really like the Community Farm we have here online.

Adsense - Top planets and moons

Tuesday Apr 1 2014
Adsense - Top planets and moons..... Understanding how to read your intergalactic Adsense revenue standards. It is very important to know your markets and with the new Google Planets and Moons incorporated into Continental and Regional reports you'll be able to see just who, what, where in everything from Martian to Gaelic at a glance. We are now all looking to the W3C for new Strict XML Martian Web Standards because we know XML was written strictly in Galactic-Gaelic for most of the planets. It's also been reported that the Google Translate team is hot on the Martian verbiage.

Website Sitemaps

Making sitemaps has never been priority number one for me. That's why I scripted the whole process years ago. Still same old ASP Scripts for the most part but more data. Learn how to create your own sitemaps using your own data tables. If you're creating static pages you can use FSO to read and create your xml listings. I haven't created that code because I use Dynamic text. But, with some simple adjustments it can be done.


This might be your first website you are developing or it might be time to rework your older site. In any case we approach change the same each and every time. Planning out each phase and every section so we can monitor the progress and the returns. From Word Content to Adsense I am sharing what I do with you in hopes you will make your website even better.