Custom Web Reports from your Webmaster

I have for years kept up with web logs and reports. In fact, I have logs dating back to 97 still in some of my oldest workbooks I use for market trend and forecasting.

It's important that all webmasters understand what data business owners need and it's not "Hit Counts" that makes they smile it's time on the site and the pages toward the sale or service call.

It's important to run automated reports and custom reports based on the business industry you are working with.

Webmasters know when they can show success it's all in stats and not traffic from overseas to a local plumbers page.

Share your best reports and how you create your reports with other webmasters, those that are good or have niche industries might show lower statistics than someone focused on a major popular industry but when you balance things out and place them into percentages you'll see the true color of your reports.

I'll share some of my reports from time to time as I dig up some older ones and create new ones. I'll also add a few marketing and trend tracking workbooks for local webmasters that would like to learn how to use Google Analytics as a data source to a custom Excel workbook.

Keep the reports going to your business customers and stop sending them simple hit reports. I use 3 images per page which means 4 hits each page load. Remember Hits? They couldn't weight against 3.5 minutes on site 20 pages per visit reports. Learn the reporting processes that tell the sites story and don't fall for "Drive Traffic" lines, we need continued traffic based on generic searches. Now that's SEO webmaster work.





One of the best things SEO and SEM people do is they create reports. There are applications online that generate the data for reports but when it comes down to showing business owners what is really important the best webmasters generate custom reports that offer business class forecasting and business modeling.