Webmaster tools and services used to keep up with your website

Just another webmaster tool section online, right?

Not really, I don't do the SEO game outside of my small realm of websites but when I see information posted about webmaster tools that isn't complete or misleading at times I feel if I just had 10 minutes I'd be able to clear up some of the confusion reading and understanding what the tools are reporting.

Well, the breaking point hit when a spamming ask.com website screwed up referring URL's that now are showing up as 404 application errors in my CMS sites.

Google does it's job by indexing the web but when it comes to indexing spam indexes I think we need a new reporting or opt out function that would reduce our workloads.

Imagine create a rewrite rule for all the screwed up spam indexes online today. It's not worth the time and effort. In fact, I've started redirecting people to a warning page when I detect a spam index referral link.

Why not tell the people to use real search engines that actually do good instead of an affiliate marketing network like the one in my first post?

Spam Index Sites

Ignore the 404 errors coming from this site. It will only allow valid page returns which is not what you want to do with any scrapper and spam index. I've found it to be a pain to see 404 errors that are not your issues but the referring sites issue. I can see creating a redirect if it was a bad link in a very good article for your site but this is all spam index material comeing from life123.com.

Crawler Stats Info

Search Bots can be your friend as well as something that's going to eat you alive. If you're on a shared host or on your own little IIS server running from your Windows 7 computer it's good to know a little about what the crawl stats reports are offering.




Using webmaster tools as your best online tool and what not to really worry about. You can find many articles online on how to use webmaster tools so I will focus on the not so classical issues we have understanding the tools and what to do when something doesn't seem right.