Using your Webmaster Tools as a Webmaster Tool

There are hundreds of SEO sites that offer some great information about how to use Webmaster tools and how to understand the tools.

But often times when I'm looking for others to share a bit of insight I find it's mostly speculation and not actually something they have pulled from their reports.

Because I don't offer SEO services to everyone and those that I do offer it to know that's it's 3.5 minutes and you're listed. Kind of a long battle starting before the 2005 dates many reference.

This section will be built based on questions. I have several sites from not so popular to very active and the screen images of the webmaster tools will show you just what affects your site and what you might look at from time to time.

First of all, daily reviews of all your reports is part of your job. So stop putting it off and monitor your sites. The trending tips I'll post are directly related to your efforts not some act of Internet kindness.

To start if you see the following message don't worry.

You haven't yet verified this site: /. Verify now

When you’re least expecting it your site is unverified. Actually you might see all of your sites showing Verify Now.

No need to worry (much) it’s just a system reporting glitch that should be resolved shortly.

Well, that’s been my experience when I see all of the sites that I manage drop into the unverified status.




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Years of reading log reports, running scripts to pull IIS server logs and to chart out what seemed to be the impossible is all possible with the tools from Google and my favorite Webmaster Tools which are easy to understand and easy to trend your sites.