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The Truth About Website Design from a developers point of view. For business owners having a website is very important. Having a good functional design is also very good. Learn what you can do on your own to achieve the best results without spending thousands of dollars. Learn what you are buying vs what they sell.

The Truth About Website Design

Update: I have the update to this going online next week. I wanted to make sure it was informative and not actually sounding like your webmaster is taking you to the cleaners. The Truth is you can have a low cost website design but the technical facts are if you have a custom site created for you it's going to cost but it will work better than any cookie cutter site. You're going to really enjoy this Web Development section because I'm not Selling anything just offering my experience developing websites proven effective over the years. The Hint, It's "All About You".

The number one truth about Websites is they don't have to cost you thousands for your pages.

The second truth is most webmasters will tell you a story about how long it takes to build a website and how difficult it is to maintain.

This section of XtremeComputer.Com will focus on educating you as a business owner looking to hire a webmaster to setup your company website.

We do offer the same services that other website developers offer, but because we don't compete online with any web design business, we can offer you more information on how to screen your webmaster, web developer and web designer.

First of all let's start off with the costs of hosting. Typically single simple websites for businesses can be hosted online without external advertisements and with your own domain name for about $5.95 to $9.95 per month.

Most hosting companies offer web page templates that suit hundreds of business models today. You don't need the worlds most unique web page unless you are a designer. What you need is a website that has words that will be indexed in search engines so customers can find you. We'll get into the fundamentals of a website and its root purpose later.

Web Templates: "What's Free for the Taking?"

We have over the years (since 1996) been asked "How much does it cost for a web page?"

Well back in 1996 that single web page might have run $50.00 to $5000.00 depending on if it was a static word page, database dynamic page or a custom flash intro page.

Today when asked the same question we reply with the word FREE.

Today we have hundreds that take alot of pride and time to create open license free website templates for others to enjoy.

The number one that comes to mind is WordPress.Org which offers over 1,000 design layouts and a full web site package all for the amount of $0.00 !

Yes, it's free. .

But if you don't know a thing about website stuff you're going to need someone to set things up for you.

Let's start with our Example website: (( I'll post a newer version site if you have a suggestion send it my way.))

This site is a WordPress.Org free site with a template that cost $25.00.

So far things look kind of cheap but first class.

Now you need to select a hosting provider.

The number one thing businesses don't do correctly is allowing someone else to handle their domain name. This is like giving the key to your business to a stranger.

You should always setup your domain yourself so you and only you have control over it.

We have seen webmasters over the years steal company names because they controlled the name not the company. Don't give a webmaster access to your domain name. Ever!

You can use or to setup your domain name.

Hosting that doesn't cost an Arm and a Leg.

Hosting services have changed over the years. Before it was hundreds of dollars each month, then hundreds each year. Now we typically see business websites hosted for under $100.00 for the year which should include your Domain Name costs of no more than $9.95.

It's looking better all the time isn't it?

When you know what the developers know you can skip over the $1,499.00 for eCommerce web design because most all hosting services offer eCommerce websites as part of your $6.95 per month hosting package.

How many months could you host your company for the single setup cost from India? Well from our calculations you could have your business online for over 200 years for the price of their setup.

Are we making you upset because you paid that price or are we making you relaxed because your money is still in your bank account?

Things worth Paying For to Enhance your Site.

Nothing beats a classy Company Logo.

If you don't have your company logo designed but have an idea of what you want you might want to hire a local artist.

Most business people don't know that their local t-shirt silk screening company has artists that will design or finish your logo design for your t-shirts and polos. They will give you a copy in digital form so you can put it on your website as well.

Most t-shirt custom designs cost between $35.00 and $65.00 per hour to create, and if you work with some that we know, they should have your company logo completed in under an hour!

Next on the List is Search Engine Optimization or SEO work.

Now that you have a great company website online you might start wondering how people are really going to find you.

Don't think you are alone online. There are millions of websites, and hundreds of thousands compete for a small market share.

SEO's work was what a typical webmaster did in the old days. Today they have made an industry out of it.

Many in the industry might argue with us about what makes a great SEO but we have yet to see an SEO prove us wrong.

What makes a great SEO? Well knowledge of your language for one. Second is knowledge of your company's industry, and third is the knowledge of online marketing.

If you have ever called Technical Support and found the person on the other side telling you their name is "Bob," and that's the only thing you could understand, our thought would be that Bob isn't very good with your language and might not be a good choice for your SEO work.

Then the kid down the street that sleeps all day and stays online all night also might not be very knowledgable about your company's industry because he or she has never been out during working hours to see your company or anything else for that matter.

Next is the Marketer That Can't. Sure he can say, "I'll send you to the top!" But can he really do it? You need to find a person that can prove what they say. If you are contacted by someone that claims they can push your web pages to the top on Google, ask them to show you theirs.

Prove it or move on. Many SEO companies can't even do what they say so how in the world will they help you?

Search Engine Marketing yet another Leave me alone Industry!

Unless you have marketing funds set aside you're not even going to want to look into the Search Engine Marketing Industry.

Think of it as gambling without the fun of pulling the bandits arm.

You will feed money in and see very little that would make you feel good about doing it.

SEM work can be handled differently, and we will give you suggestions, but first things first.

Let's get your FREE website online at a low cost hosting service.

Look for our How To Videos on setting up things online. Then when you can't figure something out call us, and we for a fee will help.

What is the typical costs of setting up a full company website?

Drake Painting Services LLC spent $150.00 to get everything up and online. $9.95 for the domain name and $75.00 for the year hosting.

Setup $150.00 then about $85.00 per year after that.

Not as bad as you might have thought.

Sure there were a few additional costs like that logo for  $35.00 and a few SEO tips at $35.00 per hour. All in all the additional services (when done by those that know how to work) still kept the additional costs down to a one-time less than $200.00 price tag.

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The Truth About Website Design from a developers point of view. For business owners having a website is very important. Having a good functional design is also very good. Learn what you can do on your own to achieve the best results without spending thousands of dollars. Learn what you are buying vs what they sell.