Website Development Introduction my experience and opinions

From the first HTML page to the last Razor usercontrol the duties webmasters and content providers have today is much more complex when I compare everything with my first Samba server before getting into ASP on NT 4 Server.

One thing I have noticed over the years is what does work and for what group. Then again not everything I do matches what you might be doing.

This is why Website developers and webmasters need to always be changing. I'm not saying you need to jazz up the landing page of your customer's website I mean you need to be testing new coding practices to see what really works for you.

It's a "Do today" "Measure in 2 to 6 weeks."

Let me explain that. I know from being online that some of my sites are more popular than others. It's based on "Demand" and "Content". When I post a new page at one of my in demand websites I have measured 35 seconds to 3 minutes that I can find it in the number one search engine. Other times it might take a few hours.

That's not the case with other sites that might go 24 hours before a spider indexes the new pages.

But what I have and you might not have is an idea of how long each site takes to be indexed. That's because I have kept statistics on search bot access since 1997. It's not something you learn overnight and when some search engines announce changes you have to know what to look for so you can make adjustments to keep your indexing times the same.

It's not a matter of pushing your pages to a search engine. The last time I sent a feed was about 12 years ago. We have other methods of telling search engines that they should stop by.

In this section and the articles below I'll be pointing out some of the things you might need to know. In the main Web Development pages I'll be adding a Search by Relax and Wait methods. If I recall I used to wonder all the time if I would ever make page one. Now I can tell you based on my topic which page and how long it will take to get there.

Number one rule I will say here is don't flood like some of your About Popular websites do. You need to keep your websites and customers on the good side of development and not poor SEO habits. I have many jokes about blackhat SEO attempts, they might be next to me for a week or two but next year they are nothing more than a blip on my statistics report.

We All Debug Code

Saturday Aug 18 2012
We All Debug Code and the Weather Channel is no exception. Was it one of their top meteorologists? Was it the Bug in the Picture? Or was it just another unknown developer trying to figure out why the display for the Hurricane Update wasn’t working?

Domain Name Scams

Thursday Jul 21 2011
Domain Registration Scams are paying rent by tricking you. Know your domain registrar. Part of learning the truth about the total costs of setting up your website online is knowing who you renew your domain name with. You should also know that prices are your first clue to scams and renewal dates need to be in mind.

Truth About Websites

Wednesday Apr 20 2011
The Truth About Website Design from a developers point of view. For business owners having a website is very important. Having a good functional design is also very good. Learn what you can do on your own to achieve the best results without spending thousands of dollars. Learn what you are buying vs what they sell.

Webmaster Tools

With thousands of tips and hundreds of new webmasters coming online daily it's one of the most confusing aspects of the internet but at the same time it is the most important. In fact, your business cards should be the last thing you worry about if you are a business owner.