ownCloud Setup on IIS 7.5 Windows 2008 IIS Server

ownCloud on my IIS tested and removed.

Below are a few notes from my experience (6 months) of running the ownCloud application on IIS. 

I'll start with the news first then get into a few details about the setup. 
I enjoyed working with it, PHP on IIS is so natural to work with (not) and everything just seemed to fall into place the whole idea of installing this application on my IIS server was to backup my Onda Tablet. 

The App never did sync correctly, after about a week 2 or 3 files seemed to get updated. Overall I was better off running my backup and linking via FTP or WebDAV directly to my server. I'm not impressed but do appreciate all the time and effort the community for ownCloud put in. 

With that said, I wouldn't recommend it but I'm not saying for you to avoid it. If you haven't worked with it give it a try. 

The main reason I stopped using it was the sync app didn't work, I couldn't upload thousands of files without manually selecting them and when uploading 10 to 20 nearly every time I'd have 2 or more fail. 

With my WebDAV I could BitKenic GB's of data thousands of files and sync to it all day at a throatled bandwidth that noone would notice. owncloud, not so much. 

In short, I'm back on my WebDAV IIS 7 running simple sync apps on my PC and Tablets. I'll be setting up a Commander WebDAV scheduled backup soon enough. 

Good luck with your installation and have fun with the community. 

Oh, before I end this section. Sync your files directly which means not using a middle app like dropbox and others. When you need to keep security up you don't need things on Google drives either. It's difficult but you'll find a good solution for your data. 

I run a custom flavor of servers in a mix of Windows and Ubuntu which offer a few options. I'll one day show you how it's setup. 


Can't write into config directory 'config'

You can usually fix this by giving the webserver user write access to the config directory in owncloud

  • Can't write into apps directory

    You can usually fix this by giving the webserver user write access to the apps directory in owncloud or disabling the appstore in the config file.

Permissions for folders is important.
I will say this one time...

Everyone means "Everyone" and if you give write access you're asking for trouble.

I've used the Everyone to debug scripts and Quickbooks but never in IIS.

  1. Creator Owner (special not needed or changed)
  2. IUSR (Read & Execute, List folder contents and Read) except for the apps and config folders. You'll need to give them Write permissions but not modify.
  3. SYSTEM (Default is all)
  4. Your username (all)
  5. Administrators group (all)
  6. Users (Read & Execute, List folder contents and Read)
  7. IIS_IUSRS (Read & Execute, List folder contents and Read) I do not have this account set to write. But, in some cases you may need to add write on app and config folders.
  8. Your application pool has write modify and all inbetween.

 You know that the data folder will be in a different location.
I like to place it on a different hard drive since most of you are running IIS from your OS drive this would be a good idea.

You'll need to give the same type of permission settings as you did in your IIS folders and you'll need to register the applications pool .

Below is a review

  3. Administrator (DOMAIN\Administrator)
  4. YourName (LOCAL\YOU)
  5. Administrator (DOMAIN\Administrator)
  6. Administrators (LOCAL\Administrators)
  7. Users (LOCAL\Users)
  9. IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool

icacls D:\data /grant "IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool":(OI)(CI)(RX) icacls C:\inetpub\wwwroot\owncloud /grant "IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool":(OI)(CI)(RX)




This is in your MIME Types in the HTTP Features section if you're in the category view of yoru IIS server.

Click on the Add and type svg in the file name extension. The app will add the dot.
Next in the MIME type: field type image/svg+xml

I tested both image/svg and image/svg+xml and found good results with browsers. Issue was chrome if you didn't add the +xml.


ownCloud Setup on IIS 7.5 Windows 2008 IIS Server