Paid Positive Reviews do you think they help?

When I received an email from a Indian company offering to post reviews about me and my website I thought I'd have fun and ask them a few questions. It turned out they didn't like talking much, it was "Show me the Money" and they would post up reviews online.

If I recall it was 7 for your starter package of $50 or so and went up to $1,500 per month posting simple 150 character reviews around on different review websites that sure enough would make it back into Google.

For some, I can see this would help. It was also done years ago with eBay stores, people would pay to have others post all 100% positive reviews. If I recall there was actually a script you could rent or buy that would take your startup store and give you thousands of satisfied random generated customers and names.

So what do Positive Reviews really do for you as a business?

Well, if you are in the service business they might add some additional telephone calls to your day. And if you’re wanting people to read your website they most likely will because you’ll be on page one most days.

But what happens when you have a real customer read a fake positive review and their experience is completely different from the canned scripted posts you had paid for?

It's up to you and your business model. For me, honesty comes first in all marketing and then service quality is number one when I work.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to many parts of the IT industry and the part that I am weakest at is when to stop being a perfectionist on the system I'm working on now.

This leads me to my first positive review, Murray's good and knows his stuff but he is always late.

So there you have it, honesty to a fault. With that said, if you need someone that's always on time you might be taking a hit on the quality of work. I'll offer this advice since I've been a service technician over 20 years.

Personally I would rather have the technician late that finishes the job and does it right the first time than to have 5 trips from 5 technicians always on-time. But that’s me and that review can never be posted because it wouldn’t follow the lines of paid reviews which are fake.

And yes, reviews do help your site. Ask your customers to write a review. You can even write it for them if they forgot you replaced their DDR3 Memory and Motherboard. It's just like a letter of reference that the other just reads and signs. As long as they agree with your assessment it's a truthful review.

Be sure to comment on yourself as well, if you’re the best I have 3 mentors that I think you need to meet because I think they are the best at what the specialize in. No single person can be perfect with everything, but you can work at it by following the “Perfect Practice makes perfect” rule.

All the best.

Wait a minute, I didn't place my advert here.

I'll write any review for $50.00 as long as it's not related to anything I own or need.

I'll also write serious reviews for any restaurant that offers a class dinner for free.

I guess I could see the benefits of writing positive reviews now.

Honest reviews? Would that mean I would have to pay for my own dinner?

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One thing you as a business website owner might not know is internet users are no longer falling for the fake stuff as much. With social media as it is today we know what a fake post is and what a real post is. So why buy into fake positive reviews?