My CSS Resources, learning CSS from others.

I'm no guru when it comes to CSS but I'm not that bad either.

Every 3 to 6 months I seem to look for compatibility with more devices as the years go one. When I started IE 2.0 just came out and HTML was in it's first version from what I remember. I still have the books and might offer up some old code lessons just to see what changed over the last decade and a half.

Like I said, I'm not the best and learning from the best is sometimes difficult because you need to know where to look.

I've spent hours that turn into days looking at others work. Sure I copy and paste and test out what others have created.

But I always seem to go back and create my own flavor and then it comes all together into one nice little package that I like.

If you like it then great, if not, code your own stuff and send it to me. I'm code up the site to change just for you.

Wait a minute, that's what I'm working on now. Custom CSS for you and only you.

I'll save that one for one of the articles.

First up is ... (Look below for article links)

When you finally update your site no matter how good you are I am sure within 2 days you are going to see something you wish you had added to your site. CSS is just that type of thing for me. Everytime I think I have all the little tricks down and in my site some other site shows me something I did not know. Here is my resource list.