Google Adsense Webmaster and Host Information

I had a couple of locals ask about the Adsense program which I have used on and off for several years. Most times I use it to offset the costs of some services that I am offering (most free) and other times I use the ads to identify page content quickly.

You might have completely different reasons for looking into AdSense Ads or any number of other marketing companies.

Some of the questions can been found on Googles Groups for AdSense and many of the answers can be found in the official Google Blog.

But when I have a question I often don't find the answer because it typically relates to servers, web hosting and pages. I did post a question about identifying a bad ad and how to report it and the response was "Did you click your own ads?"

Talk about not at all what I was looking for.

So here, in this section totally under my control I'll post up my own questions and a few from others if I find the Google Groups completely off their rockers regarding the questions.

Look to the left below the Google AdSense link for questions. I don't plan on placing many help files on this subject but do need to share a few as an network server administrator that might let you relax a bit.

Responsive Adsense

Sunday Jan 19 2014
Responsive designed CSS3 websites meet responsive design supported Google AdSense advertisements. Our long wait seems to have ended. HTML5 getting closer and I for one am good with escaping out JavaScripts. Responsive designs are not new, but what is new to the responsive design world are responsive Google AdSense Ads.

Unauthorized Sites

Monday Jul 16 2012
When you look to protect your AdSense Account be sure to list the websites you want advertisers to see as you and not some spammer link farm. Content Scrappers are going to be around for years so its best you understand what you can do to protect yourself.

XSS Alert on Ads

Thursday Apr 26 2012
Are Advertisers putting too much data mining scripts into their data mining scripts? When Security Alerts are triggered by an in page advertisement you have to start to question if that ad network is for your site. I know I have and because I'm a security minded technician I'm ruling out ad networks that offer scripts that trigger my firewall alerts, www errors and browser alerts. I'm not going to be making any friends with some Advertisers but then again they aren't making friends with me by having ads that my visitors are reporting security issues with. So in the end there can only be one, "You are blocked".

How do I make money from AdSense Ads. That is a common question that does not have a simple answer and I am not going to offer any type of suggestion other than how to keep a few things based on website owners clean in your account.