Web Development and Web Site Marketing information.

The Website Development section is going to cover the following.

  1. Content and Content Management
  2. Marketing and Advertising your sites.
  3. Development of enhanced visitor features.

What I will not be covering is website design and layout. You'll need to search to your mouse finger falls off finding a site that you would like to model your site after. If you're looking for the site that no one else has then a professional design person is who you need.

A little about SEO which is what I will focus on in the Marketing and Advertising your site section.

I've seen allot of things over the years related to SEO before Search Engine Optimization groups made their industry. The SEO industry started off on the wrong foot in my opinion.

But, on the Positive Review Side of SEO work I do see some masters in the industry that do very well. It’s sad that some use the popularity of a massive site to draw in people and draw them away from the sites that truly should be found in searches. I'll explain.

When a business goes online it's nothing but a few lines of content and nobody knows it's there. You can then start a campaign advertising your website and self-promotion works great locally if that is your target market.

But when you start adding the battle for "Page One Google, MSN, Yahoo" ranking you need to do extra work. It's not difficult if you take the time and work on some type of schedule.

The trick is to learn there is no trick to long term search placement only short term. Sure, your About article might be just above me this month but I’m sure you will be going, going, gone next month.

For business owners it's your business name and only you can truly promote your business. Unless you pay someone to do your writing you’re going to find "Words Rule" in the search placement.

I'll go over some of the facts and how you can spend about 15 minutes each week keeping up with your online website.

Before I get into the details let’s make sure you understand what your site is designed to do.

If you have a shopping cart, you’re an online reseller.

If you have a blog, article or news section you are a site that provides information for others to read.

If you are displaying information about your company then you have a company website.

The last one is the easiest to manage. You might want to change things ever 3 months or so but just slightly. No real need to update, blog, post articles daily unless that is the direction your company is going to take.

More to come in the next Article Update. By the way, this site is classified as Informational with Service offerings.

This section is going to be fun and very sarcastic at times.

In fact, if you're like many business owners you're using a template developed by some developer that is looking to sell you add-ons to make it work better. I know first hand because each time I venture off into new code I start with a template. Then I slowly development my own flavor of website that matches me and my online market place. In the end what makes the site is the actual content and if you can make your site true to your location.

Here's my list of the top reasons some website or should I say some businesses should be removed from being online.

If you have contracted a company to do your website then please do your customers a favor and ...

  • Use actual pictures of your business.
  • Don't show  call center people that are stock photos on fotobucket or other sites.
  • Don't allow a "Powered By: " or "Hosted By" or "Designed By" to be placed in your footer when you actually paid money for the site.
  • Don't blog just for comments.
  • Don't pay for fake positive reviews. (So sad, all 10 positive reviews posted on the same day and then nothing more.)
  • Don't think Social Media is going to help you unless you have a big fan base personally.
  • Don't copy content from others or scrape a site. You might not have done this as a business owner but the company you hire might have. Google the words to see how many other "Joe Doe's" have the same About page.

I have thousands of things to post regarding what not to do. You might think it would be best to post the good things to do, right? Wrong, that's the bloggers role, they post the "Top 5 things, Top 10 things, Ways to Do this, Ways to do That". it's all a big joke at times.

But, when you sit down as a good business owner and draw out how you want your website to read and type up each section weeks in advance and then hire a designer (99designs) you are off to a good start.

After that, find a honest web master, seo person that will show you how to publish your content and ask them weekly (5 minutes) to look at the statistics for your website (after 3 to 6 months) and find what areas you need to strengthen up on.

You'll need to make a simple business relationship with your SEO person and don't fall for the "I'll submit your site" stuff. We all know it's your content that gets your site listed now a program that submits your site.

Have fun and take your time. I might share a few pointers but mostly it's going to be what not to do.

Content Distribution

Thursday Dec 12 2013
Content Distribution made Easy... Well, easier than it has been. Like many of you I am using more social media to broadcast my articles than I am focusing on search engine placement. I get my share of visitors based on searches but I'm about 15% from social media even if you don't have Twitter followers or allot of people on your Facebook you can still have visits generated from those same social media pages using tools like TwitterFeed.Com offers.

Cache Servers

Wednesday Apr 20 2011
Cache Servers can help but at time they can change the lay of the land for web developers. Mobile Cache Servers often do not pass the mobile useragent which may cause your site not to display correctly.

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Google AdSense

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Web development is not as easy as most think it is. If you have the money and I mean the money you can have some one else do all your content, images and site design. But if you are like thousands of small business owners you are the all in one web master.