WinAmp + Lama + Music + developers  = Great Online Music

Update: Seems WinAmp is going offline soon. This post is heading to the archives. Lucky for me SHoutCast.Com has a browser player and VLC plays the links just fine.

Sorry to see you go WinAmp.

One of the things I really liked when I upgraded from a shotgun modem system was how much better the music sounded from online streaming. (WinAmp.Com and ShoutCast.Com) (By the way, a shotgun modem was two 56K modems in a computer with two telephone lines.)

Developers of the WinAmp family have created compression, expansion, clippers, dials, bells and whisles I think way before the first iPod was released. It's amazing to see groups like this still alive today and rocking or swinging us all with their streaming music.

The Shoutcast ( playlist offers just about everything you could imagine without the billboard one hit wonders.

Developers like Hans with the SA Stereo Tool have seriously impressed technicians around the world. In fact, many smaller FM broadcasters are using his or someone else's program to do what in the old days took 2 to 3 devices to do. Expansion, Compression, Amplification, if I only had a computer and WinAmp back in 1992 I'd have my FM station rock'n without all the components.

You should check it out when you can. Look over the plugins and believe the reviews and feedback. Always read the reviews of a plug-in before downloading it. It might save you time reading what others say it can do.

For me, the SA Stereo Tool 6.21 is a must. If at first you are confused you can visit Hans at his site . You'll find allot of good information.

It's a must to play with type of application. You're not going to trash your Bose Speakers by adjusting a few things but read the warnings and think when you push the pre amp up past 28+db!! It's best to have a balance and you'll find presets that might just fit your needs.

There are other application developers in the WinAmp community that I'll poke fun at and write about their work. The fun part is when I ask if they can build the circuit board the same as their online applications. (I bet they send me a picture of one.)

Anyway, have fun streaming music! There are plug-in to do just about anything and if you balance things correctly you'll have near or better than CD quality with a few commercials but hey, that's the part of broadcasting we all can live with.

If I said these are one heck of a group of people you might not believe me. So take a look at the About WinAmp under the Help menu. (After you install it.) Then tell me what you think.

Over the years we have seen online radio come and go. Some of our founding groups are still alive and well today. Thanks to all the listeners that send in a few dollars via PayPal. How has the music you listen too via your computer helped you?