Technicians making Technical Mistakes, we are human.

It’s tough at times being a field technician. You have to put up with allot of things and making sure everything is setup and secured before you get back into traffic is sometimes a little rushed by some.

For me, well I’ll tell you I’d rather be late to my next service call than to make mistakes on the current service call.

Mistakes can be simple oversights to serious design flaws. When I find mistakes that other technicians make I always try to contact the tech and give them the opportunity to make it right. If they don’t see the mistake as I do then I off them my mentoring service which is the same as coaching but they buy the dinner.

So far this year I’ve talked to one technician but sent notices to 4 others. I don’t bother reporting simple things like you forgot to pack up your checks made out to cash. Those I like, but the times you leave remote access applications running with common names and terms. “Backdoor” isn’t a good password and “@Login” types of usernames should not be used. Be creative or at least fake like you want to be creative, @2nIgOl would work if all you can remember is Login2@.

Anyway, I needed a second unclassified area that I am not going to edit.

Technical Mistakes that Technicians Make, the brilliant and not so brilliant things we do.


Uninstall LogMeIn

Wednesday Sep 14 2011
LogMeIn, used by many remote service technicians needs to be removed after service. I've noticed a growing number of people using remote access technical support. I use VPN appliances for all in house service but at times programs like LogMeIn need to be used. What some technicians are not doing after the service connection is alarming.


I've trained allot of technicians in the field and on the repair bench and the number one thing I seriously put into their heads is to double check before packing up and leaving. I have made mistakes like everyone but some are serious while others are simply down right funny at times.