Service and Repair Technicians in your Community

This page is for the Technical Community and visiting Technicians.

At a Glance: I’m looking for field techs that have knowledge, experience, and willingness to learn and are not afraid to ask for help.

The Goal and Plan:

  • Bring together area technicians that are willing to work as a team when needed.
  • Create online scheduling for customers and technicians.
  • Create Tier Support Infrastructure for customers and technicians.
  • Provide resources, processes and procedures to better manage service and repair calls.
  • Continued online and onsite training to keep up with industry changes.
  • Standardize service rates for customers
  • Convert independent technicians into technical groups when needed.

It will start with one willing technician that sees working with other technicians as a benefit and not as competition. Honesty and Professionalism amongst technicians is what I expect and I’ve seen my share over the last 30 years.

This is an independent technical contractor to contractor environment.


Technical Mistakes

Remote Repair Tech

Troubleshooting flow

Technical Support Troubleshooting Steps, Troubleshooting Flow, Process and Procedures in Troubleshooting. How to troubleshoot your electronics, computers, networks, servers, users. You get the idea, this article is the lead in for a troubleshooting and flow to follow system.



Service technicians come in all background styles. Some have formal schooling while others have school of hard knocks. Its all good when you are good. Seriously, we know book smart techs that couldn't install a OS and then again we have seen those computer hacks that think they know everything without learning.