Power Supply Repair Log - Fans

Service Date: 4-4-2012 Time: (morning)


  • Fujitsu Siemens Primergy TX300
  • 400W Redundant PS Failed
  • Model:
  • Serial:


  • System shuts down

Troubleshooting notes:

  • Backplane near PS warmer than normal.
  • Removed drives and tested without loading. (same issue)
  • Removed and cleaned PS. (No change)
  • Tested fan in PS.  (High amp draw)
  • Replaced fan. (Now running)

The Hot Swap PS fan at low RPMs would stop causing amp spikes. This could have been the cause of the system shutting down. Onboard voltage monitoring may have identified the amp spike as a failure. Voltage monitor settings are within specs.

No damaged parts were noticed other than the PS fan.

End Log



Old Fan make and model recorded.


New fan power lead location and path.


New Fan Installation view:


Other images including run test (not including test points, look them up on engineers design from manufacturer.)



Technical Side Note: This "Pimp your Server" LED fan offers a "Inside Light" when you look from the rear of the server. The amp draw is lower than the original fan and you can see the fan spinning which will help if an inside light is needed.

In closing and for all the technicians that feel this is a waste of time. It took about 5 minutes to create the above log. Imagine if you had something like this for all your repairs. I would guess you'r Blog online would have hundreds of visitors just from reading your service logs. And the technician you are letting service your equipment would less likely undo some great fixes. Technicians need to share information when working together. I've had hundreds work with me and only 4 that didn't. Interesting the 4 never were very good at repairs just duct tape and patch work.

Here is an example of a power supply fan log. I have listed the 3 main logs you should keep. It takes only a few minutes and pays big returns years to come. Share your service logs but you do not need to share your service troubleshooting steps unless its a fellow technician on site.