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Unlike Apples question "If you were in a sealed room with a broken telephone how would you fix it." we want to post some general questions that we often times need to look up.


This isn't an open discussion or a debate on which answer is best. Most answers will refer to sites that have published the best answer. That's in our opinion.

If you're going to be working with us it's best to learn now that sharing technical experience and knowledge is required. No lone wolf technicians which for us are called Leech techs due to their inherent "Take without Giving" nature.

Mobile Device Code

Wednesday May 2 2012
To Server Side or Client Side your main application functions. Which have you tested? This is more of a question than an answer. Talking with a java programmer I found many limitations with client side applications but not limited to java. When I looked back at the history of mobile devices the problem was always device limitations.

Development Systems

When designing a development system I seem to focus more today on how to recover my system from a failed or corrupted project. I've come up with simple recovery processes from drive image recovery, snapshots and restore options like Acronis offers.

Backup Recovery

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Documentation Logs

As a tech you most likely have searched Google for answers to a question you have. Many times these answers are mixed in other questions and never seem to be to the point. Here our Tech to Tech Q and A section is reviewed by techs for computer related questions.