Onda v972 Working Review


Just a reminder for those that are looking to purchase one of these new Tablets. If you have questions use the contact page to send your question to me. I add your question to the review list. 


The new Onda v972 Quad Core A31 Allwinner CPU 2Gb DDR3 64bit platform 9.7in Tablet with Retina display (really cool) has arrived and was out of the box ready to go!



Working reviews are different from the classical out of box review which shows you all the standard features but not what you will really getting. 

This is not a technical review. You can search YouTube for all the videos showing speeds.


It's important to understand that I am adding things as I work with the tablet. 

I'll index things as I go but need to keep up with my work as well. 

The file index screen shot was taken via USB to PC. 

I'm running a clone of the drive to be sure I can restore it after I start removing software apps that I can not read! 


Question List: 

1.  Is the tablet by default in Chinese?

Answer: No, the v972 arrived defaulted to English. Which made it very easy to identify those applications that do not offer English.


2. Chinese preinstalled Apps?

Answer: Yes but not so many that it's like any computer sold in the USA. The Video 4 app was the only one that I saved all others I replaced and removed with English versions.


3. Are the Google Apps preinstalled?

Answer: Just setup your app store account and you are all set. Android is Google (in part)


4. Chinese Manual only?

Answer: Yes.


5. Any updates to install? 

Answer: YES firmware 1.02 updated to 1.2. Now, it's going to take you hours to download this file. It's about 296MB but all day this site has been pushing speeds slower than any network I have ever seen outside of the 300baud. I would download it from http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=239 then use translater to see it. Or trust this link: http://file2.mydrivers.com/ondata/download/driver/oamp3/V972Core4/V972Core4_v1.2.rar

which is what and where it is coming from.


6. Battery Charge Time, is it really 8 hours?

Answer: I haven't measured the output charge rate (amp) as of this time but I will do it during my battery testing on the next unit. I'm ordering a solar battery charger and during that time I'll be measuring rates.

For now, I can say the supplied adpater will charge while in use nicely. The charge rate seems to be on the lines of any 2.1 and 2.5amp USB chargers.

I'll have details in the coming weeks.


7. Wireless Card?

Answer: I wanted to publish who manufactured the WiFi card but when I searched the MAC (4) it came up NULL on a couple of popular MAC to Manufacturer sites.

So I'm going to skip who and jump into what it does.

It's fast and I have compared it to my Intel Centrino cards that seem to connect at 130Mbs to 150Mbs on my 7550 AP just fine.

The Tablet clocks at 105Mbs and is very responsive.

Connects quickly and signal references seem to be better than some laptops.

When I install some WiFi testing software I'll publish the results.

Overall I am very pleased with the wireless.

Yes, Netflix is working fine!




NOTE: When charging the unit the charger will get very warm. My unit actually has a bad connection that if I move the USB connection from the charger just slightly the tablet goes into a sleep mode. I'm guessing it's a voltage sensor that protects the unit. By pressing the power button the unit comes back on to the login screen. 


The charger is the first item I will be replacing. 2.5amp 5volt. 


Like any computer today we have OS, apps and junk software installed as well as software that most likely I'll never use like Google Pinyin IME . 


File folder structure: 

Onda _v 972_root -folders

List of removed software: 

1. WPS (replaced with WPS Kingsoft Office English)





Now, something for us new tablet users. When you setup your tablet and login to Google App Store with your google account you can use your main computer (same login) to view the apps you have installed. It will sync your tablet with your G account which makes looking up apps easier in my opinion. 


Tech Notes: 

Installing the Android (MTP USB Device) drivers for PC to Tablet communications. 

Windows 7
1. Connect your tablet to your computer via USB.
2. Open Device Manager
3. Find under "Other devices" the Android device.
4. Right click and left click update driver software. 
5. Browse my computer then pick from list.
6. Find the portable devices then click next.
7. Select Standard MTP device (left menu) then select MTP USB Device (Right menu).
Google it for more detailed instructions if you need them.

Intel board note: If you are missing your USB 3.0 drivers due to a Antivirus issue you need to reinstall the 3.0 drivers before you start troubleshooting USB.
NOTE: You do not need to have your USB debug mode enabled to connect PC to tablet.
You should first check to see if you have actually enabled your USB storage. Once your tablet detects the USB connection tap on it from the menu list and when you see the screen for USB storage be sure to read it. You might need to enable the USB storage connection. If so you will see on your windows screen the drive connection after you have enabled it.
If you see "This device cannot start.( Code 10)" from Device manager then check to see if your tablet is listed anyway. 
In my case I see the error but I also see the ONDA_MID device for the Onda v972 tablet. 
That really is telling me I didn't need to mess with the drivers and will uninstall the MTP USB Device driver.
Onda v972 Tablet PC working review. This review is ongoing and will be updated as questions come in or was time allows during the week. I think the best review process is to actually use the device and take notes about things that come up.