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It has been some time since I last tested Firefox. Time measured in versions not actual calandar date. In fact it was only 9-31-2011 when this old article hit the 7,000 views mark talking about version 5 and then 6 and then Click Control Panel Add Remove Programs and it was gone. Noticed went up on my sites that FF was not recommended and that was it. Why did so many things go wrong and what is up with this version RUSH

FireFox 5.0.1 Webmaster, Website, Surfing.

I'll be testing FF version 124 I mean 14 as soon as I see a script announced to take care of XSS. If the developers haven't read about XSS it's posted all over NIST.GOV. Also Internet Explorer has XSS which was tested by me and seems to do the job on advertisements that are in real-time collecting data input based on field names. You would be shocked, or I should say you will be shocked when I post the code they used showing credit card fields, first name, last name. It's not proven but if that advertisement would hit on a page with the same form names we might have an FTC issue related to privacy. But that's for another day. Any good fixes FF? 

To save room on the Internet I have combined all the FF posts I made into one. I think they are deviced by title.

This page has been updated to reflect the additional versions 6.0.2 and now 7.0.1. (No change to what we have reported.)

UPDATE: 4-12-2011 now it is once again time to test the FF 11 version. I think I missed out on 8, 9 and 10. Was it as nice as 5 6 and 7? Hope I find some changes that might make me like it again. Nice website but then again, I have a website as well and it depends on browsers doing what the end user want them to do.

Typically we like creating How To Guides that cover the nice things like setting up your browser to make surfing the internet safer and faster.

Today we are setting up this section for Webmasters and Web Developers to help discuss workarounds for FireFox browsers. We also want to track for Mozilla some bugs and issues that effect website display and layout.

Firefox has always been our 1st recommendation when it comes to internet browsers. Some very important factors go into selecting browsers and when a browser doesn't display websites correctly right out of the box we need to either spend time educating millions of firefox users or looking for ways to make certain our websites display correctly.

Most likely you are at this page because you have surfed the support sites for firefox and having found your solution. Or, you are here because you don't buy the troubleshooting steps of disable everything, flush cache, cookies, etc. When you think about a classical Firefox user they most likely started using Firefox when a tech, geek or nerd told them it's better than IE. Today those techs, geeks and nerds are worried that their online creations are not being displayed correctly. Will this same group start advising internet users to uninstall firefox for another browser?

Firefox issues sent in by our visitors include but are not limited to:

  • Not loading AdSense Advertisements
  • Web page hangs, doesn't finish loading or gets stuck
  • AddThis javascript doesn't load
  • Google Plus not working or supported
  • Javascript redirect issues
  • Transferring data stuck on API
  • AdSense ads slow loading
  • Facebook api fails
  • Twitter api fails
  • DOM load status issues

Read our articles and findings in our comments and suggestions section below (near the bottom) of this page. )

Older Posts:

Google AdSense Ads are not loading in FireFox 5.0. The Ads get stuck in downloading.

We noticed after upgrading to FireFox 5.0 that Google AdSense advertisements do not load correctly and actually seem to be stuck downloading from the DoubleClick.Net servers. We have tested with FireFox 4.0 and didn't fine the same problem.

(Update: When you finsih this article look for the link "FireFox 5.0.1 Software" just above the Google +1. This article covers mostly Adsense issues while the FF5 section has a few more things to offer and a DOM load timer you might be interested in. So far top time to load that I have recorded was 20 minutes.)

Many people offer AdSense Advertisements on their site as a source of revenue income to keep their sites free. When AdSense doesn't load or interrupts the normal page load not only does the site miss out on possible revenue the visitors do not see the page load correctly and most likely will not return.

Here's what a typical AdSense website looks like while browsing with FireFox 5.0.


This screenshot came from . The ads finally did load but after a few minutes. It's more of a hit and miss mostly a miss.

Notice the transferring data? It's not just AdSense that has problems loading at times.

You might find more and more websites with blank pages or blank boxes as you surf. Look in the bottom corners of your FireFox 5.0 for something like this.

You will see the Transferring data and might not see the page as it was designed.

I've seen AddThis.Com api just hang, you have to stop the browser load then refresh and keep your fingers crossed that it will connect.

It's interesting that larger websites seem to have less problems. I'm guessing a script is running to keep the connection alive. I know I had no problems with FF5 when I pinged out during the page load. But I don't imagine every website programmer is going to create a ping out to make sure things load.

NOTE: Our testing so far has placed Google Ad Networks in the clear. We do not see any specific changes from the Ad Network that would cause advertisements not to be displayed. FireFox 5 has new features designed to increase page load times by closing "Channels" or connections quickly. This might be if the connection doesn't load in XYZ amount of time the browser would close the connection and the Google javascript would be stuck in it's download loop. We feel this is a good avenue for troubleshooting and you can test this theroy by increasing your overall page load time like we did. Bring your page from under 1 second to 3 and 4 seconds scripting time. This is not the time it takes to load your page but rather the time it takes to complete running scripts on your site. At 5 second (script time) we found no increased ad loads. We will continue our tests and publish our findings to the development team. The check-sum is refreshing your browser which we found loaded the ads in most cases. Read more about our testing so you can make your own conclusion regarding the issue with FireFox 5.x.

2nd NOTE: An Old Fix that loaded the ads after the content loaded still hangs.

var loader2 = document.getElementById('adsense2-loader')

It's not a page load time issue it appears to be acting as if the connections are timing out leaving the Google java script hanging trying to load from a connection that has been closed by the browser.

Some of our Tests show the following to hang in Firefox 5.0:

  • '

We have tested our code and tested different versions of FireFox with the same code and AdSense ads. This issue of "Getting Stuck on Downloading from or other ad network providers is very serious and needs to be reviewed on a technical level.

When the problem occurs you can view your page source and find that the page is complete but not loaded. Typically this happens when a connection or script is stuck in a loop and has not timed out to allow the code to complete or fail.

We created a work around by skipping all advertisements loading from when response times are over 2 seconds. But this removes the advertisement from display and is counter productive to the sites.

Troubleshooting AdSense and FireFox 5.0

  • Stuck Page Load
    1. Check Source Code from HTML tags is your page complete?
    2. Look to see what is stuck loading. or another ad network server.
    3. If you remove the Google AdSense Ads does your page load correctly?

TS 1: We find the page loads completely but is not rendered to FireFox 5.0 when stuck downloading from any ad server. We have seen this on 3 ad servers but mostly the server is the cause. This is most likely due to the fact it is used more often than others.

TS 2: If you see the ad server stuck note it. We want to make sure we have all the ad servers that might be causing this issue documented.

TS 3: When you removed all your AdSense ads your page should display correctly and function well.

Next we want to see if Google sees the same problem. We are going to use the Webmaster tools to fetch the page as a Google Bot. Load Times for our site seem to be much hiring than normal and that wouldn't be related to a browser like FireFox if it was in fact ad servers responding slowly.

Using our Webmaster Tools the results seem to be just fine.

  • Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 2:01:08 PM PDT
  • Googlebot Type: Web
  • Download Time (in milliseconds): 1441

Why is it still not loading the page or at least why are the ads blocking the page from rendering to the browser?

Next we need to break down things to the type of ads that can not be displayed. Most use Image/Text so we will start with the size of the advertisement. I did find one reference to the ads 160/600 which didn't make a difference in my case but it was worth checking into. Could it be that simple? (don't think so but we will try)

Finished testing the ads sizes and that had no effect. Even when the page had only one advertisement at a time it still would hang on loading.

Now we can take a script which can time-out and skip the advertisement but you all know this means that you might miss out on your penny click. There has to be a better method.

Let's find out if the new version of FireFox has issues rendering pages that have multiple connection points. What I mean is if we load content from 10 different websites into a single page and all this content has AdSense ads will it hang on a select few sites or all of them?

We need to use the Page Flush method. This is offered in PHP, .Net and ASP. You shouldn't have an issue. To make sure we are working from the same page create your next script to flush or send all content to the browser just after each Google AdSense ad.

After testing the Page Flush or Response.Flush method the content of the page was no longer blocked from loading and the advertisement servers seem to load after the page was loaded just fine.

The only issue would be duplicate header writing if you have your "Buffer" set to On or True.

Now that we know flushing the page in FireFox 5.0 works we have a temporary work around.

If Browser = firefox/5 then Flush()

Try this and post your results in the comments box below.

Please do not suggest to flush local cache or cookies. That is not the issue and when it happens to 190 different users in a week we have a common issue and it's not from what I see Google AdSense servers but how FireFox 5.0 renders the page with multiple connections.

The Multiple connection test also included in-line RSS feeds. The feeds would not load if the ads were stuck. Remove the Ads and the feeds loaded, Flush the Ads and the feeds loaded. Could it be the size of the page is to large? 24K? Not hardly.

Continuing the troubleshooting when we get a few visitors or members posting their results. If we all match we can submit a bug to the developers of FireFox. (It's not a good thing to submit vague issues, you need to troubleshoot and rule out as many variables before you send things to core developers.)

Now that I have tested just about every type of loading method and found some mixed results I have to return to the AdSense setup.

I'm finding the following connections hanging more than others:


To see if it's a loading issue I've setup a API to basically hit or ping the above servers to retrieve a response code. If the server response is 200 then I allow the connection to be established. If the API returns anything other than a 200 status the advertisement is skipped.

This process ads about 0.45 seconds to your typical 3 ad layout page and is only for troubleshooting it is not a fix. If the ads perform better then it points back to a rendering issue in FireFox. (in my opinion)

I've disabled the following:

  • Interest-based Ads
  • Third Party Ads

This is located under the Allowed and Blocked Ads, Advanced settings

Interest-based Ads Preference
Do not show ads based on user interest categories. Visitation information from my sites will not be used to help create interest categories.
Third Party Ads Preference
Do not allow advertisers to use their audience information to deliver more relevant ads to my site.

I will update this post after a couple of hours when the system has updated and I don't see any third party ads loading.

Well the test regarding Interest-based ads and Third party Ads failed. I had the same results. Most times FireFox 5.0 would hang on the connection.

This is really bad and searching for the answer still isn't coming up with the solution to this FireFox 5.0 issue. (Yes, now I'm thinking it's purely a FireFox issue.)

Check List:

  • Disabled plug-ins
  • Tested in Safe Mode
  • Tested in Private Browsing Mode
  • Tested older versions of FF and they seem to work.
  • Deleted Cache, Cookies, history
  • Added Accept third party cookies.
  • Reset security and privacy settings.
  • Changed Web page Headers
  • Changed Ads to Text Only

It's not looking good and I'll say it's because if I slow the page down it seems to work better but not 100%. Let me explain.

At first I thought it was Googles Ads Servers responding slow. I setup my API Proxy Server Status script to check the response times of the common ad servers AdSense uses.

When I only hit the pagead2 server the doubleclick server might hang and so on. So I setup the script to hit all three listed and it works every time except when a third party ad server hangs. But at least now the page doesn't stop loading like it did in the beginning.

Update: 7-7-2011 Researching changes made in FireFox 5.x that could cause connection drops like a cross domain script. (Could FireFox detect the Google ad servers as a possible cross site script? Let's look into the possiblity.)


What's New in Firefox

The latest version of Firefox has the following changes:

Please see the complete list of changes in this version. You may also be interested in the list of changes in the previous version.

Checking the Do Not Track feature.

The site offers the following:

This feature is not enabled by default. You can find the Do Not Track request on the Advanced pane. On Windows, go to Tools - Options... - Advanced.

The Actual location of this feature is under Tools - Options - Privacy. Check the box "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked"

This feature was tested both on and off with no change to the problem of AdSense ads blocking the page load or not displaying if the page loaded.

HTTP Idle Connection Logic Review related to AdSense:

Skipping directly to what is most likely the total cause to why FireFox 5.x will not load Google AdSense Ads.

WebGL content can no longer load cross-domain textures

Could this new security be the end of AdSense Publishers? Can you stop a user of FireFox from visiting or suggest that they close FireFox and open any other browser?

It might be time to check with Google and their terms, policies and conditions to modification of the code or redirecting based on users browser. Why show your money content with no advertisements when you can redirect to a page explaining why FireFox 5.0 will not display your website correctly.

Interesting thing about it is RSS feeds will import. Could Google be working on a new form of AdSense feeds? API AdSense Feed? (Hint) This could prove to be a better and faster method of distributing ads.

We are finished with all of our testing of FireFox 5.0 and know that we can "Fake" the browser into loading AdSense ads. The problem is FireFox has been one of the best browsers around and we have grown fond of AdSense Ads in websites. Even if we don't click on them we still look and read them. Now to see them on some websites we will need to use IE or another browser. Hope their is a work around to the issue or this might be the Beginning of the End for Mozilla, Not that I would like that at all but blocking Google Marketing is really not in your best interest.

2nd Test Conclusion: We feel the WebGL that no longer allows cross-domain textures or cross domain loading is the root of this issue. Because no one here is part of the Mozilla development team this is only our opinion. When we write to Mozilla later this week we hope to get some solid answers about the issue of page loads and AdSense loads.

1st Test Conclusion: This issue is not resolved but when you slow the over all page load (scripts running) by 2 seconds it seems to handle the page components better. I don't believe it's a timing issue but more of a compile to render issue. In each test viewing the source code showed all the correct HTML code but the page would hang or stop loading just after the first AdSense 160x600 or 460x65 advertisement.

I'll leave one of my sites up with the standard page code that has been working fine for 5 years and add the modified code to delay the page build by 2 seconds to the others. Only time will tell if FireFox Developers take a very close look at this issue. It appears that the Hanging, Locking and AdSense issues might be all related.

If you find something that seems like a perfect fix send in a comment.

"Only 2 more old posts to copy over. From 7-13-2011 to 7-15-2011"

Issues with Firefox 5.0.1 and problems you might be experiencing while browsing.

After updating to Firefox 5.0.1 from 4.0.x we started noticing some major issues. More bugs that we could list in a single post over at Mozilla so we wanted to document a few things and show some of our testing. The top issues will be highlighted below.  

Shortly after installing the update 5.0.1 we noticed the following.


  1. Google Ads blocking page loads.
  2. APIs from Facebook not loading,
  3. AddThis links not loading,
  4. Javascript Break out of Frames scripts being detected as redirects.
  5. Browser Refresh via scripts (reload) being blocked by Firefox as browser redirects.
  6. Websites with more than 3 Google ads will hang on 2nd advertisement just about every time.
  7. etc. etc. etc.

The main issues discovered are how the browser handles cross site API connections. Cross Site is when a call is made to another domain name or different location other than the base URL. This happens when you use Google Analytics, Adsense, Facebook Like, AddThis, Twitter, etc.

This pattern that we see this bug show it's ugly face is simple to see. You'll need to visit a page or a site that you don't normally visit and that site needs to have normal inline javascripts or apis. This excludes the sites that are owned by large companies. The APIs and Javascripts are typically not the same as for smaller websites. This isn't saying the webmaster of the smaller sites are not as good we are saying our APIs offered by large companies is not the same. Google AdSesne for normal publishers is not the same as their premier publishers and so on.

Once you spot a page that doesn't load try refreshing and take screen shots if you need to so you can see the differences.

Note how many times the browser status bar shows "Transferring data from ..." and note down the site. All of our tests have shown only third party domains.

The site might Hang 30 seconds to 3 minutes and at times it will hang indefinitely. (Or until boredom hits and you jump to another site.)

We found many asking Google Adsense groups about why the advertisements were not loading. Testing with all Adsense disabled and only Analytics, AddThis, Facebook apis we still had the page loading issue. The pages would stop processing at the point of the API. This is one of the constants in our testing. To help we flush the page just before and after the API call. This we have found will allow the remainder of the page to load.

But flushing a page at key points isn't something webmasters setup thinking something will go wrong.

Let's list a couple of facts:

  • The issue is not AdSense Specific.
  • It appears only when an API is called or any off site inline javascript is called.
  • The browser will not time-out the connection.
  • The browser status will stay in "loading" until a manual or automated refresh is called.

By forcing a "Flush" after each API we did notice things worked better. But still wasn't 100% correct. We would see other APIs stuck in Transferring data especially AddThis for our testing but we noticed Facebooks API on others.

This site along with 12 other sites we have coded have been updated with Flush calls before and after every API. We also added a JavaScript Refresh timed call to force a refresh if the page is not rendered. The key is to get the page to render even if it has not fully loaded according to the Status of the browser. We would rather see a full page with blank boxes than nothing at all.

You can test your site the same way we tested ours. Disable all API calls and all javascript calls to third party domains or connections.

You pages will load really fast I bet. Make sure you place a page timer in your code so you can watch the timing as you add APIs back to your code.

When you start loading up your APIs again don't run the FLUSH command until you start seeing the issue again. Don't worry if you keep refreshing you will see the issue return. As you do enter a FLUSH command just above the part of the page that stopped loading. Most likely it will be about the same spot your API is loaded. Add the Flush before it and just after it then continue with your testing.

Once you have your page completely tested and think you are set to go email a friend to try out the page while you delete your cache, cookies. Close and reopen your browser and start browsing your website. Be sure you can load every page perfect before you stop monitoring the issue.

Let me show you a site that is very well known and suffers the same issues your visitors are experiencing.

Here's a screenshot.

I visited when I was looking to see if the Firefox 6 beta had the same issue. But the download isn't available to the general public.

But while I was there I had to refresh a couple of times to get the content of the site to load. Below is a screen shot of my second refresh first visit using Firefox 5.0.1


See the Google PlusOne icon? The page stopped loading at that point but loaded the Google PlusOne and stopped on the Facebook Like API.

When the browser stopped loading the content I was looking for never appeared. Well not totally, if I view the source code I can see all the content but from the browser window it appeared as you see it above. White space.

I checked the same page with IE8 and had no issues.

After a third refresh:


Now to show you better the page stopped loading on the left column. Nothing appeared in the center right. I had the Header, Left Column and Blank page. But now you can see how the Google PlusOne and Facebook should have loaded. Very different from the first screenshot.

The next screen shot was taken after 4 and 5 page refreshes. The test was to see if a pattern could be found.

This time the page finally did load part of what is in the center column and stopped just after the 728x90 AdSense advertisement.


 You can see if you open the picture in a new tab the google api stuck in transferring data.

Using another website often helps those that say "My browser loads just fine." You have to wonder if they are really thinking technician or just trying to close out a service ticket.

When it happens on sites that we have coded and have worked perfectly with all versions of firefox and IE for over 10 years you might want to investigate things before you talk to us about this issue. And please, the comments "It works for Me" don't cut it. We have modified our sites code as a work-around and have a javascript popup that after more than 4 page load problems asks the visitor to use a different browser. This message is only for Firefox 5 users. (27% of our 34% Firefox visitors)

Have any questions? No, then good. If your websites are having this same issue and you are the developer or programmer send us your link so we can confirm the issue with you. If you use an "Off the Shelf" (WordPress) website you will need to discuss this issue within their technical support forums.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 4.0.1 Firefox only after you read the linked article. We are looking for a confirmation on the Firefox site.

From the TechNewsWorld Interview with Nightingale click here.: "Firefox 5 is the security update for Firefox 4, and we do not plan to release a Firefox 4.0.2," Johnathan Nightingale, the Mozilla Foundation's director of Firefox engineering, told TechNewsWorld.

Here's the FTP link to all versions: (Even beta 6 at your own risk)

Updated: July 13, 2011 Webmasters and Web Developers. We have been testing every possible option we have with our sites (not this one but others) and found a couple of things you can do to help your pages load.

  • Remove any Javascript that busts out of frames and do not redirect on page load with javascripts.
  • Each call requires a FLUSH. (PHP, Net, ASP) when your scripts hit the call to Google, Addthis, Facebook, etc. Flush that code. Do not allow your website to buffer if you are experiencing issues. We found that by flushing after every advertisement the page loads every time for us. When the flush is not used nearly every page needs a refresh.

We will be posting more as more news and tests are completed.

Send in what you have seen by using the comments box below. You do not have to sign up to post a comment.

Some developers might laugh it off and tell you to delete your cookies, clear your cache, delete your host files, and so on. But the fact is most all people are going to experience this issue it just depends on what sites they visit.

Here's one that promotes Firefox downloads. It had the same issue as others I have tested. Had to refresh things to make the page finished loading.

Added Resource: 7-19-2011

This link to an old bug sounds like something we are seeing again.



Ok, this is the last one on this topic. I needed to republish these days just about 10 months ago to show how hard it is on others when you rush. And, if some of you are wondering I ran that popup for 6 months and on some sites still have it. I noticed a dip in FF users on my sites which in turn allowed my code to run the way it was designed. So many thought they had to use FF. Not true and today IE and Chrome are the way to go. (Let's say it this way, if your site depended on what didn't show during the , FF5, FF6 days then you lost.)

FireFox 5 websites not loading completely. Webmaster tips for API data transferring.

Not that any of the following steps are going to correct issues you might have with FireFox 5 but we do want to publish Mozilla troubleshooting steps to make sure we all following them. The main concern is most firefox users will not even notice the error 

This article was started as a troubleshooting post trying to identify the issue with Firefox 5 and the "Stuck in Transferring Data from...", AdSense not loading or showing and API not working.

Now that enough data and test have been made we can start working with webmasters in a attempt to code around a browsers limitation. The limitation with Firefox 5 is off-site connections. This most likely is from one of their security updates covering the cross site scripting. But it really doesn't matter what security update or browser update is causing this issue. The issue is how do webmasters protect their interest and investment when visitors using Firefox 5 can not load pages or do not see the intended content.

Let's start with this page:


XtremeComputer.Com has 1 AdSense advertisement that is loaded at the top of Article pages. The other parts of the website are reserved for internal ads only. The only other off-site connection call from XtremeComputer.Com is the Google PlusOne and AddThis.

For testing we have disabled the AddThis API because it was actually the slowest loading API.

First step is to get your content to load even if the browser has not completed it's Status Loaded and can be seen as Loading we need for the content of the site to load every time even if we have blank spaces where advertisements might be.

To force the browser to load the page you need to not buffer the page. But by changing the Buffer to False you might not be able to finish a script.

The best method we found was to setup a Page Flush before and after each API call. Any off-site link should be flushed as soon as your code line is hit.

To ensure your content is display you need to FLUSH before and after JAVA and API.

On this site we flush all the scripts from the header just before the left column loads. This allows the scripts running between the head tags to run or fail without interrupting the page load.

Response.Flush (ASP)

Flush() (PHP)


Step Two is optional but works for AdSense sites very well.

After we setup a few of our sites to test with our code of interest was the Document readyState. This allowed us to monitor how Firefox handled the loading of the page.

On a website with no API or off-site calls the ReadyState would return Loaded as it should. When we tested with API or Off-Site javascript calls the readyState nearly always showed "Loading".

The Displaying of your content is directly related to the page status. If the page is loading and you are buffering your page it will not finish until the status of the page changes.

When you use the FLUSH method and have your page content loading every time you'll need to add a javascript to test the Document.readyState.

I'm not the best at using JavaScript so you might find other methods that are better that return the same results. But the basics are simple. When the page response with readyState Loaded you know that all your off-site calls have been either completed or timed out. This is the only time your AdSense Advertisements will show in Firefox 5 in our testing.

Setup in the script section of the head tag your start refresh timer. We have tested at 1000ms which seems to work well for our sites. But you might have to increase the refresh time for your site. You can time the full page load to set your default refresh time.

We want it to be fast and we are more interested in the time it takes to get our readyState = loaded. I'd rather have a page refresh 4 times 1 per second to load correctly then to sit and hang over a single API call.

var time = 1000;
var t;
  t = setTimeout("refreshPage()", time);

At the bottom of your code just above the / body tag you need to run a test for the page load. The object is to disable the refresh call if the page finally loaded correctly.

if ( document.readyState != "loaded")




Between the two top changes to our site we have about 98% success rate. When the Refresh Page option hits 4 attempts for any single visitor a popup javascript advises the visitor of the issues we have found with Firefox 5.

This is all we can do as webmasters trying to get our content displayed to all visitors.

If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to use the comments section.

DISCLAIMER: Firefox is really a good web browser and hope they will correct the issues soon. We are not currently removing firefox from our systems but will remove the browser if Firefox 6 holds the same or new issues that directly effect websites and how they are intended to display. These issues have been reported to FireFox both in forum posts and emails. (Not all directly from us.) The main concern we have is people moving to browsers that do not offer link scanning or malware scripting attacks. Many browsers that do not offer Anti-Virus tool bars are not suited to detect malware websites.


Validate your code: Completed and when tested with only internal pages passes.


Calling it quits on Firefox 5.0.1. Time to move forward and leave the bugs behind.

After reviewing the issues we all have found in the newest release of Firefox 5.0.1, we have decided not to support the browser by our endorsements.

We have had many business customers contact us about the incompatibilities with their web based applications.

We have had AdSense Marketing people contact us about their Google AdSense ads not loading.

We have had issues covering just about every API call in the book.

The final bug was we found Firefox 5.0.1 will detect some redirects as hostel and attempt to block them. During the blocking process the page reloads to itself causing a HTML header to be reloaded. This then causes a server error. We had to add additional code to suppress this error caused by a glitch in Firefox 5.0.1.

Many users are reporting they see no errors which for me is hard to believe. I would guess the users aren't seeing the pages correctly but don't know what the page typically looks like.

Large websites do not have this issue totally. Sites that use iFrames with refresh suffer less than sites that offer simple static and dynamic pages.

Instead of asking webmasters to remove API calls and inline javascript it is easier to place the following DOM load script for your visitors.

Our login pages will display "We do not support Firefox 5.0.1 or above" until pages load as designed.

The Support at FireFox offers experienced users some tips that we followed with no positive results.

The proof is in the code and you can show your proof that your site is XHTML 1.0 and the users browser is the cause of components not loading.

Will Firefox 5 + work out the bugs? Maybe, until that time word is to return to the older 3.6 versions. Personally after testing IE I'll be moving to Microsoft as my primary web browser. (I use AVG Linkscanner which isn't 100% supported by Google Chrome at this time.)

Many of us use third party components in our web browsers and many of these components stopped working in FF5. This is another reason why the rush to publish Firefox 5 ended the warm feeling toward the Mozilla teams.

Below is a screen shot of the DOM load timer.

I have tested load times on other sites with a stop watch and found normal loading to 96 second page complete times.

On one of my sites (XHTML 1.0 Strict 100% compliant) had a page load complete time of 1,201.23 Second (20 minutes) time.

The Code I had to install and never had to use before was the FLUSH() line. This now makes the page content load even if the inline javascript, apis hang in Firefox. The visitors might not notice a single element not loading and the visitor most likely will continue surfing your site normally.

But more errors are appearing, headers being written more than once when FireFox detects a false popup or redirect. I've seen this additional bug on login pages when your login fails. Not a big issue but still, if the browser now handles forms incorrectly what other issues does it offer?

Screen shot of DOM load timer and Firefox 5.0.1 not showing the speed at all.To the left is a DOM load timer. Surprisingly enough this code came from a HTML5 demo page for IE 9.

The 20+ minutes for FF5 to switch from interactive or loading to loaded or complete was a bit long in my opinion. The item it attempted to load was a Google AdSense ad.

Tests were all conducted on formated and tested XHTML 1.0 strict pages.
Cache, cookies, etc were cleared between tests.

Basically everything a technician troubleshooting a browser issue was done. I don't expect casual users to do the same.





FireFox 5+ Load Times

If you have comments about this issue or have found new issues feel free to post them.

If and when (which I know will happen) Firefox 5+ is fixed and tests perfect like the older versions did we will retest as a group to see if we can use it again.

Until that time, it's better to update Internet Explorer to at least 8, install Google Chrome as well. (Always have 2 or more browsers updated on your system.)

It has been some time since I last tested Firefox. Time measured in versions not actual calandar date. In fact it was only 9-31-2011 when this old article hit the 7,000 views mark talking about version 5 and then 6 and then Click Control Panel Add Remove Programs and it was gone. Noticed went up on my sites that FF was not recommended and that was it. Why did so many things go wrong and what is up with this version RUSH