Browser Reviews as I stumble on issues

When I use a browser like IE, FF and Chrome I normally don't need to think if everything is working correctly. But, with all the holes and all the patches I find myself checking almost weekly for changes to my settings.

Here you will find the old FF post about the Adsense issue. Like many software developers they never did address the issue and so I did my part and created a script to advise against using a browser that blocks things I didn't want blocked.

It's all about making software end user friendly. You might have liked the sites that didn't show ads but when you learn it was only the smaller sites and not the big players you'll start to wonder why things happened. Was it to not show ads or was it to limit revenues for some. It's your browser software and your control pannel. You can add and remove as often as you would like.

Firefox 4 5 6 Rush

Monday Oct 31 2011
It has been some time since I last tested Firefox. Time measured in versions not actual calandar date. In fact it was only 9-31-2011 when this old article hit the 7,000 views mark talking about version 5 and then 6 and then Click Control Panel Add Remove Programs and it was gone. Noticed went up on my sites that FF was not recommended and that was it. Why did so many things go wrong and what is up with this version RUSH

FireFox 7.x

Friday Sep 30 2011
FireFox 7.0.1 issues. The versions change but the issues remain the same. Not to be a Firefox Bashing Tech but this is becoming a joke. I skipped doing any testing with Firefox 6.0.x because I needed time away while I enjoyed Google Chrome to the max. But when I saw Firefox 7.0.1 was ready then so was I. Here's my first test.

Why is it when you finally get things setup and running smoothly someone has to update your browser and completely change your surfing experience. Security updates I can understand but..