Software for Therapists and Psychologists our Cloud application

We would like to thank a few support professionals from the Therapists Software Applications industry for giving us reason to build our own application.

We might even code name this app, "Storm Static" which was the reason you gave us that 6 months of data was gone from last year but all this years data was intact. It might have sounded better if you told us it was a Mother Nature Surgical Static Attack on Data virus.

We like to take the Ocean Blue philosophy when it comes to developing applications. In short that means we develop something that hasn't been developed before. But over the last few years it's been more like reworking applications to make them better and more suited for today's computer users.

Apps as so many call them are for the most part a combination of API's and scripts. I kind of like the phrase "I've got an App for that." Sounds a bit like "Who Dat" from the New Orleans LA fans.

Maybe this app needs to be Jazzed so people start saying "App for Dat". Could be just how it sounds an Application for Data.

Let's start this project off with a few words about what we are going to cover.

The Psychological community is growing and with growth comes demand. When developing applications we have to talk about the two major players.

  1. Software Vendors
  2. Software Developers

Software vendors often create very proprietary software which gives them more control over the usage. This means you use what they supply and that's about it. The data you store is yours but if it's in the format they have developed it's also there's.

Software Developers are those that create the applications to fit the needs of a specific group. Typically development of software starts when someone asks for something that just isn't on the market place. Developers start from a blank screen format and build based on feedback from those interested in the development process. Many times these are your free applications and other times these applications are sold to software vendors for resale.

Keep your data so you can create your own special "App for Dat".

When software vendors promote software they focus on the benefits and features of the software. Most never tell you that the data may not be used with any other application. Imagine using a bookkeeping and billing software that doesn't support Quickbooks or TurboTax. If by using an application you have to create duplicate entries for your business accounting the application now costs you more than what their benefits section might show.

This years Buzz Word is "Cloud". My girlfriend is about sick of listening to me talk about cloud computing but it's here and this one actually might last past the next IT boom.

Cloud computing is mostly built on shared applications. When you share applications it typically lowers to overall cost to the user and the developers.

The Time Sharing of Cloud Computing isn't new. We use Community servers just like we used Community Repeaters to share two-way radio channels. The base was to load 100 users on a single repeater and lease it for a fixed price. Shared Time was to limit any single company from using all the time of the repeater. Most companies that required more time ended up leasing a full repeater for just their company.

In the IT world sharing servers and server resources works great for small businesses. When your business grows to the point you need your own server you'll find the cost manageable and the equipment costs will quickly show a return on your investment.

You'll still need an App for Dat no matter which direction you go in.

One of our customers is in the Therapist and Psychologist community we are developing applications based on their needs. Are applications are built in small modules so we can mix and match to benefit other companies.

If you are interested we should be out of our alpha program and into our first Beta phase by the end of this month. We are building the applications on the Windows Small Business Server 2011 and SQL 2008 Express so the application should be backward compatible to all servers and even XP Pro workstations.

When development starts the costs start as well. We have had hundreds of applications used online in the past and many of them after 10 years are still being updated and used daily online. We have been looking at this project and believe it will be something we can deliver and update as long as we have users.

Don't expect our Cloud Network to bill by the minute. We are more interested in giving you the tools you need so you'll be paying for tools not for connection minutes. (That and the fact we know people don't always logout of servers we don't need phone calls asking why the per minute use was 10,000 minutes when you only logged in once. Sounds like the Cellular Phone Industry when you think of billing by the minute for application usage.)

Basic package for our MySmallCloud group will be $10.00 but we do have a my documents backup for $5.00 per month which offers 3Gb of storage. Sure there are free services online but let's say we aren't using hard drives in China.

More details as the project reaches it's launch date.

For now, if you are a working Therapist or Psychologist and are looking for a flexible application to manage your billing, scheduling and record keeping you might want to join in on the beta development phase. We will be adding everything you need and request. It's what we do as developers.



Software for Therapists and Psychologists our Cloud application project starts today. When it comes to working with proprietary software we expect the software vendor to take full responsibility of their application and to do their best to protect the client’s data. Software manufacturers should know IT Pros don’t take excuses for data loss.