Remote Desktop and Remote Access Software.

Before I can offer any suggestions about remote desktop and remote access software I have to offer a review of the software.

It will all start here and then work its way to the Tech to Tech QA's, Application Developers, Security Topics and How to IT guides. Because Remote Desktop covers software and hardware and depends on secondary software to offer it a platform there is more than just installing and connecting. I hope by the time I have everything up online you'll have the time to read it all. It's important that you know a few things about what you can do to keep yourself safer and what you need to do so you know when something is wrong.

If it wasn't for my firewalls I would have never known about an issue with one software. But because I was testing their server timeouts it resulted in exposing another issue. It's all about how you setup and research remote access applications.

I'll start with as many free versions and standard embedded versions as I can find. I'll be looking for others to work the same. I'll have a system you can remote into and I'll be looking to do the same. It's a two way street to find out if software is what they claim it is.

If you don't remember I'm the one that published a security issue with a very popular remote desktop access software company. They never spent the time to reply to my findings so I published them. I'll rewrite the old article so it makes things clear to what they did and did not do.

I don't make allot of friends in the remote access business but when I do find software that I like they should be ready to start hiring more people.

The Team View Hack or Exploit can be found at They published their findings in version 5. I found the flaw in version 4 but heck, I'm just a field technician with electronics background. What do I know about session hacking.

Stay tuned, you might like what you read and you might not. I'll be looking to help small business and home users keep their systems safe. They are the most unguarded.

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Remote desktop manager

Tuesday Mar 15 2011
MS Remote desktop manager, great IT tool if you do allot of remote desktop sessions. When you assist more than one system or more than one company you need to be able to manage the remote desktop connections fast and easy. For years it's been all placed in a admin document, now it's just like Server 2003/2008 but on your workstation.

VPN Remote Access

Friday Feb 11 2011
Remote Access applications and appliances. Understanding remote access is more than just firing up two connections and moving your most. Security and Speed with a little mix of Easy Access should be what you are thinking about

When I tested one of the most popular remote access software applications online it only took 1.5 hours before it was hacked right in the middle of my session. The hack was nothing to joke about but the company did nothing. It wasn't until NIST published data that made the changes you see today. That was 2 years almost after the first exploit.