DVD and BluRay Software

I was writing this introduction while I was using ISO Recorder on my DVD / BluRay creating an ISO image and my Lightscribe labeling system on my other DVD drive.

Computer hardware has changed over the years. I remember and still have my first DVD R/W and CD R/W. Both were on the edges of crashing my computer every time I burned a disk.

Today I'm writing this up while creating an ISO and a label at the same time.

The End of Buffer Under-Runs are Over!

That and it helps to have 32GB of Memory on your i5 systems.

Look below for my quick list of DVD / BluRay software picks. You can send yours in if you have one that is really doing the job you expected it to and are not selling them on your site.

This list is not in any order other than the time I added them.

DVD / BluRay Software List.

(Not, I have not tested the same software on the BluRay yet. When I do I'll add a note which apps work with BluRay. For now it's only DVD.)

  1. Nero verion 9 or above for Movies and Disk Creating.
  2. ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman, creating ISO images from Cd's DVD's for my virtual machines.
  3. LightScribe now that the disks are no longer $1.25 and just a bit more expensive than a regular DVD I've stopped the ink printing label making madness and just burn the image on the disk.
  4. WinImage has a few things that I use but mostly when I create Drive Images. The demo only works for CDs from what I have.
  5. DVDFab is one that I used to use allot in the good old days of DVD backup copies of movies. It was great at cutting down things that didn't want to be cut. Remember, copyrights make it so you cannot distribute the media but believe me, DVDs do change over the years and the audio on some of my purchased version is so bad I wish I would have made a copy and stored it in a cool place.
  6. DVD Shrink be careful, I think there are a company of people offering something like this. I don't have the link but it's a German programmer. Same as DVD Fab if I recall.

Now it's your turn. Send me your favorite DVD or BluRay software and I'll list it here with your short note about what makes it so good.

I should place a DMCA note here. It's really simple, don't copy, sell, and distribute material.

But, unless they have changed the rules and I don't know about them you can create ISO image backups and physical backups if you own a valid copy. Like I said, if a DVD was good for life and made out of metal I wouldn't deal with backups but they break, fade in quality so I still create ISO images so when the audio is bad or the video part looks way dark I just create myself a fresh copy.


DVD and BluRay are here to stay and if you have a CD burner you might like to know for $20 you can find a DVD burner. Anyway, here is a list of software applications that you can use with your DVD and BluRay disk drives