Reviewing Antivirus software is easy, picking the best...

Picking the best isn't so easy. They are all good at doing what they claim to do but is that good enough?

Scan on close, scan every hour, scan, scan, update and scan again.

What are they looking for? Something that's on my computer?

Well, it's the pattern that I talked about in the security topics section. Virus infections on a level one class will not be detected for about 6 months in my opinion. Level 2 and 3 might be detected this week and levels 4 and 5 are just so easy you can watch them install just after you see that popup.

Read about some of the tough tests I give antivirus software. I'll be recording some of the screens to show just how fast or slow some of them work preventing drive by virus infections.

Some of the viruses I will be testing with are about 4 years old. Still today some software has problems handling these easy pop under style drive by infections.


Super AntiSpyware

Tuesday Jul 19 2011
Now, as the software application clearly shows this is Spyware which according to WikiPedia.Org is viruses that use some type of monitoring or spy software on our systems. I'm not saying this application is the answer for all your spyware issues. This is only a review and test of the software on a system where normal Antivirus applications have not detected the cause for popups and redirects.

Remote Virus Scans

Thursday Jul 14 2011
Remote Virus Scans and Remote Virus Removal. Why most viruses enjoy these online scanning sites. Remote virus scans can detect some viruses but most of the very damaging viruses will treat these scans like a back rub. Viruses can go for months undetected. Never think you are virus free if your surfing habits are widespread or you download anything free from ring tone software to toolbars for your printing.

Spyware Doctor PC-Tools

Wednesday Nov 19 2008
Spyware Doctor from PC-Tools needs a Doctor! Installed PC-Tools Review of a system infected with 32 Adware applications and 52 Spyware applications.




One tough subject to talk about is antivirus applicatoins. If you think about all the homemade viruses that are released daily you'll most likely be looking at a recovery process rather than a prevention process. Can all antivirus software today help?