Software Reviews by Software End Users

From the title you would think this is going to be something really big.

It isn't actually going to be a full review process of software. That would take years to cover all the software I have used.

I'm making a list (or lists) of the different types of software that I have used over the years. Some free some not so free. While I might say ISO Recorder 3.1 is great for making my ISO DVD Images you could say Nero is better or has this feature and my version doesn't. (I actually do own a copy of Nero but like simple at times.) So feel free to send me your reviews about your favorite software and I'll post them up in the communication Software Reviews by Software Users.

Also, you don't need to be technical to write just how much you like about your new Movie Making Software. Just make sure you talk about the software and not about your movies that it makes faster and easier for you.

Be a bit on the human side if you can, think about the first things you did when you purchased or downloaded the software.

Was it easy to install? Did you have to reboot? Was the help helpful? When you installed the program how much time did you take to learn enough to produce something from it? Are you an advanced user that learns in 2 minutes what the rest of us take hours?

You get the idea, like a Yelp (dot com) Review on Restaurants but for Software.

Have fun, and believe it or not reviews are kind of fun when you don't add screenshots and step by step guides. I let the software developers do that.

When you look at software many stop drop and buy at the color glossy covers. There is more to reviewing software and for many it is all about does it do the job without having a learning curve of years.