Hardware Reviews - Specification Reviews and Hands On Reviews

When I work on systems I normally make notes about what I like and what I think might have made things better.

I like many of you read reviews and take about 1% of that review as actually correct. The issues I have seen with reviews are simply most people writing about the equipment use the Features and Benefits guide supplied by the manufacturer. I can read the color glossy just as easy as the next person.

With that said I will do my best to only publish reviews of equipment that I have put to the test.

Now, if only I could convince a few manufacturers to send me equipment I'd show them just what it takes to make the grade. At least I'll get a repair guide out of them after I've completely reviewed every possible issue you could find.

I'll flag my "Paper Pusher" reviews as well as my "Hands-on" reviews.

Solar Charger 5vdc

Small 5vdc USB Solar Battery Charger with internal Battery. Small and very light with almost no heat offers power to portable devices when no other power supply is available. Charges in indirect sunlight as your wireless keyboards do. Nice item to have in those 5vdc 800mah times

Hardware Reviews - Specification Reviews and Hands On Reviews. I wish I could have one sample of each new component released on the market to give it a really good hands on review from a technicians point of view instead of the sales point of view. But, because I'm not on the manufacturers payroll I can only publish reviews of equipment I have worked on and the equipment I have built. Hope one day I'll get on the equipment testing list so I can get ahead of the game and write the repair manual before the users guide is complete.