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We all have our favorite sites when it comes to technical readings, electronic reviews, technical opinions and even a few personal observations. I know I have my bookmarked list of IT Reading that I try to keep up with.

I might not have time to keep up with the newest trends but I'll post up a few things that have been around for years that might seem knew to you.

What sparked this section?

It was actually when I reinstalled WinAmp I remembered that many small websites would stream music out from homemade playlists. The makers of WinAmp and the community of programmers like Hans van Zutphen have been around for a long time. Most remember using dial up connections to listen in on some good tunes.

I was thinking about the technology changes that have past. In the early 90's I was building expansion and compression preamps for FM broadcast stations as a hobby. Today it's all done via computers which are good, but I still like that old fashioned analog compression from time to time. It was back in the days car stereos had to depend on the local technicians to keep the transmitter towers up and running. And if I recall we had more hours of music and less talk.

Anyway, look to the left for some links that I'll be putting up showcasing some of the acheivers I have followed over the years.

Cloud Computing

Monday Apr 9 2012
Cloud Computing. What is left to say? Wait a minute, can you repeat all that cloud stuff again. I must have missed the part that convinced me I needed to remember what it really does. On second thought, you confused me the first time. I'll wait for my friends to explain it.

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Online review sites, opinion sites and a few bloggers make up a vast amount of information we have to sift through to find just what we are looking for. Empty reviews are just that, empty. Here I'll post up a few items that I think you might like to know about. Technically speaking I'll be just offering a little tech talk.