Windows 8 and your PC is it an upgrade?

After I browsed around the Windows 8 consumer preview and then went to the boxed store and tried it out remotely as a virtual desktop for a tablet PC I can really see the benefits of having Windows 8 as an optional OS for mobile devices.

Maybe it should have been called iMicro OS 8 then more people might have understood that the development platform is based on a touch screen environment. Well that’s how I see it and I could be wrong.

In either case don’t worry about branded computers rushing to the OS 8 I means the Windows 8 . You will see it on Tablets I’m sure but desktops and your classical laptop will still be Windows 7 if you ask me.

If you have tested the Windows 8 on a test top computer you might have wanted to touch the screen more than once thinking it would slide. I really like the Windows 8 OS 8 OS on Tablets but not so much on my workstation. What do you feel its market will be?