Technical Editorials, opinions and a little forward thinking insight.

Until I figure out how to blog which seems so old school in today's internet time zone. I would write notes on those off white looking grid pattern notepads you were so happen to find when you had to take a few notes.

Today I still carry the clipboards and pads as my first line toward development. Walking away from a computer to design a computer sometimes is the best way to do things.

I have seen some great things online and in the electronics community that sometimes never get the exposure that I think they should get. I'll be posting up in the software and hardware reviews anything I happen to purchase or download to test.

Here I'll talk about the industry overall. It's not the place to look for technical advice but if you're working on a project and find something here that gets your creative cells working all the power to you.

I'll be cleaning up some old papers and adding some of the ones I wrote over the last 5 years or so.

This is a rough draft zone. If you'd like to join in I'll setup to share this section. Just drop me a line. By the way, for all those that applied for a specific job in the mid 80's this first article is all you. I didn't get the job, wasn't single long enough.

Vanity Fair on Security

Monday Aug 8 2011
What does an Editor at Vanity Fair know about Hacking that you don't? Maybe allot. I never would have thought Vanity Fair had it in them. Actually I would have never thought to look at their articles for security information, ever. That was until today. Only one slip on MSNBC this morning. Everything I have read in the article dead on.



One of the toughest things in the industry today is trying to convince someone that experience pays more than just the book learning. I have read years worth of technical articles and editorials about different data related communications and methods. Now, after my first programming class in 1982 I think it's time I start dishing out what I have read from others all these years. Welcome to my Technicians Editorials. (Yes, technician because IT just doesn't say it correctly.)