Software Notes Archive

Software articles and configurations for some not so popular applications.

I have worked with allot of software over the years. Many are still using it or you might find it on an old system that you have been asked to fix.

Now what? Remove the software that the business used for the last 12 years? No way!

Find the configurations before you do anything. Find the updated versions, find all the registry entries, find everything about that software before you touch it.

I know from the NT days if you didn't take it slow and document things you might end up trashing out a system or network.

Don't think by "Saving Target As" or "Send To" is going to save you with some apps.

I'll publish notes as I see the search results or your emails come in.

Most of this section will be published when those that asked over the years the famous question. “How do I do this?” Because many of the configurations here are from my experience I’ll just remind you if you’re working on a system I setup years ago follow the steps in the folder (XCTech) or you might be working late fixing something that shouldn’t have been broken.

Do not touch the Uninstall until you know how it was installed if you are planning on reinstalling custom software applications of old. We have a mix of software designed for Windows 95 still running on XP today as well as DOS apps. I have a few notes on very popular software that I will publish