My archived questions. Old Posts Random Order.

My archived questions. Old Posts Random Order.

When I took down the old sites forums in 2005 I had years of redirects running keeping people updated to where I put the old stuff.

This time I'm not working the redirects like the old days. I'll post them all here and let you sort over the groups.

The search feature in Umbraco works very well as well as the sitemap if you ever feel lost here.

By the way, The Response Object Error 0251 : 80004005 is a fun one. I had to work allot of variables to make that happen. Instead of increasing the memory in the server for your script break it up into functions with flush controls if you need all that information on a single page. I ran into that error when I was designing a website using a single ASP page. It was long and it worked fine but memory buffer errors were common when mistakes or call functions were not used enough. Also object close helps clean things up. I have a few scripts that make sure everything is closed out that I'll post when I dig them out of the old site I'm updating.

Sorting over new and old posts and wondering why search engines are still sending people to issues posted nearly 10 years ago. Maybe it is a new generation of programmers trying to figure out that old SQL ASP stuff. Or a system RAID that doesn't have SATA in the Quick Guide.