Server Notes On the Sticky Pad and Online

When you find issues or something that just doesn't seem correct you place that issue or item in your Admin weblog. But what then? Do you look up the issues to find out just what it is?

Or do you leave it in the admin weblog and let it get dusty. 

Far too many admin's allow small details with their servers to go unattended. This only leads to overtime without pay. 

Here's where I'll put my sticky notes to show just how easy it is not to do IT and then in a linked section how easy it is to keep up with things. 


Have fun! (Because we all enjoy our IT jobs. Right?)


Windows Server Web

Wednesday Jun 13 2012
Windows Server Web aka 2008 Vista version What to do when it's looking like the second string was in on that last update. If you had any issues with your automatic I think it's Patch Week of 6-13-2012 and they match anything here we know the Second String was in on the testing.



When you share a little information you might help others when it comes to servers. Not sharing the configuration, passwords but some things we all might see and need to research. Maybe you have researched an issue that you would like to share