Remote Desktop and Control software Questions.

I have a long list of questions that I will be asking.

Tech Notes and Questions:

  1. Did anyone else find that DLL session issue with TeamViewer in Version 4 ?
    • I still have the software I tested and the notes from the firewalls. It's amazing to see it was reported over a year later and only fixed when the big boys published their findings.
  2. How do you test your remote desktop software?
    • Besides the reading of the installation guide what tests do you do to identify if the software you are thinking about using is going to be safe for your networks?
  3. Blocking and Forcing a connection closed, how do you setup to handle a simulated hack with instant lockdown?
    • For everything coming in and going out every good network tech knows you need a panic switch. What do you have in place that shuts down a link that's gone all wrong?
  4. If you detected that you've been hacked in remote control way how would you record the action?
    • Screen capture?
    • Live log monitoring?
    • Process monitoring?
    • Panic and run screaming like a little girl? (just kidding)
    • What logs would you need to take that would prove it happened?

Below is a real form that you can send in the answer. Make sure you reference the number next to the question. If I didn't word the questions clear enough feel free to point that out. Actually, rewrite the question and I'll give you credit as an editor. (Thanks in advance)

Why on earth do people believe its the best? Because millions use it. Well, it is a published fact that 20 million each year give their bank passwords away to a phishing site. So why the heck not have 1 million blind leading the blind. Remote Desktop Questions here!