Power Backup and UPS systems that I have questions about.

If you have ever worked with power backup systems you know just how

important it is to make sure you have the timelines clearly detailed.

A 5 minute shut down on a old Windows 2003 is going to need 15 minutes at times. So here's a few questions that I have and questions I've been asked.

  1. How do you determine the size of your UPS unit?
    • By the Amp rating?
    • By measuring the actual current?
    • Reading the manufacturers test lab report?
  2. What UPS software do you use to monitor and control the shutdown of more than one system?
  3. Have you setup a laptop as a monitoring and shutdown system?
  4. What time schedule is best? (Monitor off x minutes, Sleep mode, x minutes, Force shutdown x minutes)
  5. How do you control your network storage devices during a power shutdown?
  6. What would be your priority of server processes to stop? How would you handle the task? (Not talking about a Hyper-V but a classical domain controller.) If you had to write a "KillScript" for processes you know are running and need shut down in a specific order.
  7. What batteries have you used over the years?


For More information about UPS and power systems click the link below.

Backup Power Supplies, UPS Equipment



Power Backup is very important and there are very few that seriously look into it until it's too late.