Cloud Computing you've read about it so much you don't use it.

Cloud computer is so over marketed that I don't even want to join in on the fun.

In fact, it's so over marketed and so unknown as to who really runs the stuff I still think my Flash Drive is safer.

But, that's just me, now as I put together a few articles trying to nail down just who you can trust (if any) to handle your information. Cloud computing for iTunes? Seriously, do you think it's a way to fight piracy? That just might add to the missing megaupload servers. But that is only my opinion as to what you call cloud and what I know as cloud services.

Quick note, I deal with private cloud systems which are actually one or more servers running one or more servers and running one or more desktops. Then when I add a server and split the applications it becomes a cloud. Well, sort of.. I'll get into more common details about that with pictures later.

When the Cloud Computing idea hit the market it was all you could think or hear about. Now that the dust has settled a bit I'll be posting a few topics in Development, IT and Reviews. Until that time, tis just a sticky note.