Smart search taking away from your 404 page?

I've been redirecting and setting up different error pages in anticipation of helping all those old links find a new home.

Well, it appears they have found a new home. It’s called the "Search Engines Oops Page" or as some call it "Suggested Sites Page".

Instead of allowing the 404 page or the error page the site search feature in most of the browsers now redirects back to the search engine.

Is this a good thing?

For the person searching yes, but does it help the site that is indexing?

In my opinion no, it doesn't.

So how do you code so you don't get sandboxed and yet take 404 pages and work with it?

I'll tell you after I figure it all out.

I've noticed it allot within ASP sites that have deep folder lists or query strings. Example is in the image below. Attempting to redirect a simple query string keeps getting shot back to the search engine before it hits my redirect.


No Oops! The link is broken but I want you to allow my site to handle the 404 page not found! Not you! In all due respect that is. :)

I want to fill in the blank here. "No Joke Mr." The link is broken but allow it to continue to the site so the 404 page could offer a suggestion. Smart Searching isn't for redirects. Well not for ASP code like this shows.

If you know the answer to the above issue use the form below.

I might even PayPal this answer if it comes complete with Umbraco Code for 404 and 301 redirects from ASP and Query Strings.

We often forget why libraries have never really changed their filing system. Could you imagine coming up with a new indexing method every year just so your social media standards keep up with the others? That is what the internet offers us at times. A menu change once each year and we all rant. But what about those smart searches?