Notes stuck to my monitors that need answers.

I have questions just like the next person but sometimes my questions take longer to answer.

Most times I make a sticky note as a reminder of a post I've made or an email I sent. If over 5 days pass I send a reminder or look for another location to post the question.

It wasn't that long ago that I could post up in my old TechTalk section a question and find an answer in my inbox the next morning. (Weird working hours IT people keep.)

I'm bring that all back again with a twist that you might enjoy.

If you can answer one of my questions I'll publish your answer and link to your site no matter who you are. Competitors are welcome to join in!

Let the Sticky Notes begin!

You are welcome to send your sticky notes so they can be published.



The old version page will be up with some new features.

Technical IT Notes and Posts

When you have to post in a hurry or can't find the perfect category. Use the Tech Post-IT Notes section. (That's this spot here!)

During a single work day I'll end up with 20 or so notepad.exe applications running as well as my two old fashioned note pads that use an ink pen.

When you need a quick spot to post the Tech Post-IT notes section is where to place it.

From here we will move things around and get everything orginized into our file folder structure.

But for now, it's Post-IT notes online.

(I hope post-it doesn't charge me per post.)

There is something about a monitor that has a perfect half an inch border around it that just screams for a Sticky Note. I think that's a trademark so I'll say it now, all hale rights of a sticky note!