Technicians Zone - XC Tech Zone - For Techs.

I'll be moving all the orphan files over to this section and creating those simple ASP Classic redirects so Google doesn't have a Google over the so far reported 20K+ bad links.

This section is for technicians of all levels which also includes those that use the titles of Engineer, IT Administrator, Technologist and everything else the industry could label you with. If true you're all technicians at the core.

The Tech Note section is a copy and paste zone for me. I have more questions to ask and not enough time to find forums online to post them. If you have a similar question feel free to chime in or post up to another site the same question I am asking. This is the internet if I recall and not to many years ago technicians  shared IT answers and questions to make it better. (I still see it today but it's getting tougher filtering out the garbage.)

If you're wondering what type of tech you'll be dealing with here let me say I have a hard hat, steel toe boots, a one ton vehicle and an attitude that will make you feel good about being a technician or you could be one of those running for the door. I like setting up technical challenges and you'll find a few posted in this section. 

Be ready to prove to the world you are technically correct and I'll do my part to make sure you are verified correct.


The Technicians Zone is a compulation of technical articles, notes, editorials and reviews I have made. You will find my questions to the technical community as well as others. I do not believe in reinvention and will do my best not to repost topics that are covered better elsewhere.