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Missing USB.INF file Windows XP HP DeskJet D1660

Missing USB.INF file Windows XP HP DeskJet D1660

Here's the Message:


This file does not exist or is the incorrect version and is required for installation to continue. The file is part of Windows and is provided on the Windows Installation CD.

File: USB.Inf
Version: 5.1.2600.0
Location: C:\WINDOWS\inf


If you look in the C:\WINDOWS\INF folder you'll notice the USB.INF isn't listed.

Be sure to change the View of the folder to show Hidden files and folders.

Download or extract the USB.INF file and place it into the C:\WINDOWS\INF folder and everything will install.

You have two options: 

  1. Create your own USB.INF file from the text version
  2. Download the ZIP or INF file and copy it over to your INF folder.

Be sure you create a restore point for XP just in case you make a mistake. Label it USB-INF-PRE-UPDATE-todaysdate

Option 1:

  1. View USB.INF as Text file click here. 
  2. Copy the text and paste it into notepad.exe.
  3. Save the file as USB.INF to your C:\WINDOWS\INF folder. 

Option 2: 

  1. Download the USB.INF zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Copy the USB.INF file to your C:\WINDOWS\INF folder.

If this all sounds difficult please either contact me for remote service or another technician. It should not be hard to work with at all. 

If you are not able to browse to the INF folder you have several options but here's the easy way. 

From your Start > RUN line type: C:\Windows\INF and press the enter key. If you see a warning to view allow viewing of files and folders. 

Copy and Paste the INF file and you're done. 

Whatever software you were installing should work now. 

If you view the text version you can see the file is a map for USB devices. 

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Missing USB.INF file Windows XP HP DeskJet D1660