Virus Removal Trends with rate recommendations

We're not sure if it had anything to do with the internet really getting a search giant push but companies marketing virus removal jumped on board the virus gravy train and cash cow charging inflated service prices for removing simple virus designs.

There is a simple flow to follow when it comes to viruses and classifications have been around for years that offer different challenges of technical abilities.

Let's say we have formatted 2 hard drives in 12 years due to a type of virus that just wasn't going to allow itself to be removed. The amount of time involved would have made the virus removal cost more than the system itself.

But, with that said, those 2 hard drives we had to format and install the OS fresh again we did extract all the documents as well as most of the active components of the virus for more detailed research.

It wasn't that many years ago that antivirus companies and Microsoft announced that they cannot keep up with all the new viruses released daily. Add that with all the new exploit discoveries and we have a serious problem in the service industry.

How do you classify the unknown exploit or virus that hasn't been reported?

Years ago it would have been a premium service level but today because it's a trend and normal operation every virus on any level is treated as a single virus infection. This now makes the average virus removal costs at about $50.00 per reported issue. This is not a per virus issue but a simple clean up your system from the known and the unknown viruses.

A qualified technician is an understatement when it comes to identifying patterns of the unknown viruses. Your technician has to seriously identify files, libraries and applications running on your system. If it doesn't look right that technician should ask you about it and research the application. If no documentation is provided it will be up to the technicians knowledge of how the application runs to determine if it should be removed.

Virus removal trends are moving toward full automation and surface scans for viruses. The classical phone repair show and big box stores might only run scans for "Known" viruses and not actually look at your running processes or changes made to your system. These groups are not part of the trend but have instead lowered the standards of virus removal be reducing the labor time.

Today the trend is for the computer user to do what they can do and to correct as much as you can on your own before asking for technical support.

We are aware of all the virus removal trends and we're adding a new trend that pay subscribers to AVG are offered by default from AVG support services.

Have a technician review the identified viruses names that were discovered on your computer. Many viruses have common partners that might not be discovered but we might believe they are still on your computer. While other times simple adware and malware is removed in a single pass of your virus scanner.

We want to make sure you are safe and to also promote our flat rate all service technicians that work with us honor and that's our $50.00 deep virus removal and prevention service.

Complete a service ticket and attach your virus found text document for review. We might have a few questions to ask like what program found the virus and what steps you followed.

What we would like to accomplish is to offer a "Self Help" process and procedure you can follow to protect yourself against a scam virus removal service. Simple free applications like HiJackThis.exe can be ran on computers before service is offered by any technician. The logs of applications running will show in most cases so you can see what they installed. You might have heard about these online companies or telemarketers telling you that your system has spyware or adware and they offer some details about the virus. This most likely came from information a virus collected on your system and most likely the group on the phone sent the virus to you. These scam companies are typically overseas and out of our reach. But if you get one forward them to us, we would like to invite them into our remote virus collection machine.

Consumer awareness and education is what is best. In our Services section Virus Removal we will offer both Paid and Free services depending on the virus difficulty to clean and the virus type.

Virus Removal Review Pricing Trend:

  • Any and all virus issues should include a quick backup of your documents. If you save documents or data outside of your users document folders you need to offer details to where that data is stored to the service technician.
  • Surface Viruses or Class 3,4,5 viruses are to be removed with simple off the shelf free software and inform the consumer about the differences between free and fee based virus subscription services. (If you had AVG paid version you wouldn't be paying a technician to remove the virus right now. Paid services often offer bonuses that you might not be aware of.)
  • Class 1 and 2 viruses require installing your applications again. This will when possible include backups of only your non-infected data files and documents. Class 1 and 2 viruses are typically data collection botnet type viruses that are very difficult to detect without a serious amount of research. It is cost affective to install the OS rather than pick apart this unknown virus or hack.
  • Service should include installing only licensed software but customer will need to configure all such software unless an agreement with the technician was made. Installing Windows and then Installing Office 2010 could be part of the package but setting up custom templates, email accounts, bookmarks are final configurations which are not part of getting your computer backup and running. 

The virus removal process we have is solid for virus classes other than 1 and 2 for the simple reason we do not have to install your OS again. But, if that is required you must understand your responsibility is to supply licenses and configurations and to detail the software that you need to operate your system. This will not include downloading Web Browsers like Chrome or Firefox. These any user can do and we will limit the software installations to only Microsoft products. This standard is what many technicians follow today and is very practical for service technicians as well as the computer users.

Our Service Recommendations:

Service rates of $50.00 for Spyware, Adware, Malware are genuinely accepted.

Virus class 3, 4, 5 Spyware, Adware and Malware virus removal is suggested to come with additional support from the technician or service group by offering preventive solutions and best practice policies to avoid future infections of the same virus type.

Class 1 and 2 are typically a per hour or per quoted service at a rate of $50 per hour on average.

Virus Removal Trends 2005 to 2012 with rate recommendations. The virus removal industry has often been looked at like they were the problem. But, we all know that they are overwhelmed by the number of new viruses released each day. This not only makes it nearly impossible for a single antivirus company to keep up it makes it possible for service groups to take advantage of a problem that will never go away. The trends are clear and since 2005 when the Cash Cow virus removal business went online full tilt we know it's time to offer consumers an inside look at what they should be expected when offered a service rate to remove a single or multiple viruses.