SQL Injection and Code Injection.

When you need access and you just don't have the username and password. 

SQL Inject IT you dumb ass, it's safe, secure and you'll be noticed around the world for your Exploits in the Dark SQL Database world. 

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URL not recognized protocol

Saturday Jun 25 2016
Once again testing on a server that is not yours is not polite. This IT company in DE must have a reading problem starting with classic test scripts for directory traversal. I do believe my server does offer the version and name. Maybe this IT company has been hacked and one or more of their servers are Zombies. Most likely that's the case. Anyway, be sure your attach can be verified with some error code so you know if it was successful. The servers that don't respond to your attacks should be dropped for those that do. Always look for that error screen!!!

sqlmap.org Traps

Thursday Jun 16 2016
It is better to be polite when you are attempting to take someone else's SQL Server over than to be the subject of a bad SQL Injection attempt article. Not a bad article, but pointing out how you can be bad at something so simple as SQL Injection, it's only be since 2005 we have been working with this stuff. First rule, ASK BEFORE YOU RESEARCH. I don't mind my White Hats that aren't part of the UofM group. But damn, at least buy me a drink before you attempt to trash my SQL servers. :)

When you need access and just can't find the password and username it might be time to SQL Inject the damn thing