To TeamView or Not to Team View.

I'll be placing some old and new notes about this remote access simple to use and easy to install software.

I'm not endorsing nor am I going to bash the living daylights out of it this time. I'm just going to post up some notes I have and allow you to do your own testing.

As a network admin and server admin I learned long ago you need to know what is running and how it runs before you can say it's secure. That means you need to have a test environment and actually test each and every application you are putting on your network. Then you need to create a logging process to identify any changes.

It's not easy being an administrator of anything. If it was then you wouldn't be reading this and you would be in my Weekend Admin section looking for an asnwer to your server rebooting every 2 hours question.

The article list is below and I'll have more as I put back online my old "Passive" proxy tester. (It was what I used to identify hacked teamviewer servers or machines.)

Disclaimer: All information published here is from my own testing and some items detailing my internal networks will be published from time to time. If you feel you need to challenge any article it is advised you do it via email instead of a direct connection attempt. Passive Research systems are running.

Secondary Disclaimer: Before you send any email to me read the following link: I was contacted by several network admins that ran this software after I published the version 4 issue which is clearly what discovered. The issue was so bad I thought it was corporate workers attempting to join the session. Yes, there was a waiting line to get in. Other admins reported the same thing. The trick to allow this exploit to happen was to make your viewer 100% stealth without dropping the connection. I did and they got in. It was very interesting yet scary to know it happened and took so long to be reported.

This page will link Team Viewer Articles and Notes I have made over the years and I will respond to a few network questions that were sent.

Site running TeamViewer

Wednesday Feb 24 2010
This site is running TeamViewer Port Scan Results (note the date is not correct the first testing was completed prior to this date.)


When you look for remote access software to make your life easier you need to know just what you are doing and what others are looking to do. TeamViewer is very popular and when I did my tests I quickly removed it. I have notes about other issues that seem to be valid today that might save IT administrators some serious headaches