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This Chinese Merchant seems to have had experience using the PayPal Buyers Protection against the buyer and to their advantage. It was like listening to the perfect symphony. The Timing was perfect. The Sound was perfect. But in the end, instead of making me smile the symphony ended with the movie soundtrack from JAWS.... SPEMall.Com was the Orchestra that turned JAWS on me personally and now I'm publishing my story so this doesn't ever happen to my readers.

SPEMall.Com used PayPal Buyers Protection against the Buyer!

How PayPal's Buyer Protection is Flawed, Issues and Problems with PayPal Buyers Protection.
(In my follow up article PayPal Buyers Protection based on Empty Box shipped with Tracking number will be posted in the next few days)

Before filing a dispute I offered more than 28 days of time to address this issue of the accessories not being shippped.

The 44th day is when I filed a dispute with PayPal. PayPal limits dispute times to 45 days. 

The order below is only for the the additional amount requested after canceling my Xiaomi Mi3 64Gb phone order. 

I will have all the communications going online this week. I wanted to warn people becuase of their posting here

I feel the issue could have been resolved without me filing a dispute with PayPal but once I did file the dispute one day before my 45th day I saw SPEMall.Com true colors. I will be publishing any and all reviews you might have to make sure they cover the US Markets and my friends in Europe. 

SPEMall.Com has posted in their.

Transaction Details

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 7HY797318H352120Y)

Sent to: 赵 代琼 (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)
Amount sent: -$62.52 USD
Fee amount:  $0.00 USD
Net amount:  -$62.52 USD

Date: Dec 21, 2013
Time: 01:40:20 CST
Status: Completed

Subject: From Murray W change order 131107754803
Note: 131107754803 Order change QTY 3 - SKU:AMP1717 K-touch V8 QTY 3 - SKU:TPA1028 QTY: 3 - SKU:TPA1006 QTY: 3 - SKU:PA3010 QTY: 3 - SKU:PA1013 QTY: 1 - SKU:TPA1072 Total: 612.06 - 555.67 = 56.39 + 6.13 = $62.52 to complete order. Thank you very much for all your help.
Funding Type: PayPal Balance
Funding Source: $62.52 USD - PayPal Account


I've used PayPal for many years and have made many overseas purchases with my account. 

In fact, I have had friends and family use my account to process payments with China because they were worried. 

I thought I did a good background check on my Chinese supplier. I checked them out up and down to make sure they were not reported as fraud. 

In my only case of online consumer fraud where I was the buyer and the Retailer in this case from China denied my claim of items not recieved. 

In fact, it was all due to Xiaomi and the Mi3 SnapDragon phone not being manfuacturered like Xiaomi claimed they would do. I should have paid closer attention to the experts that stated Xiaomi was a new company and had vison but no real funding to mass produce product for global distribution. Later I learned from a Xiaomi press release they were only expanding in the Asian markets. The hiring of marketing expert from Google kind of gave me the "Global" market environment but I was wrong to make that assumption. 

Let me introduce the Company from China that frauded PayPal and frauded Me.

I'm saying they lied to PayPal and gave a shipping and tracking number of a box which PayPal never asked for additional information. Basically, the company (SPEMall.Com) only shipped part of the order and claimed it was all shipped. (Not to mention one item was defective but I'll get into RMA and Warranty issues in another article)

Let me give you some background and 100% transparency so you can jugde for yourself and maybe stand to protect yourself better than I did.

I'll offer some of my School of Hard Knocks at the end.

I found while searching for Chinese merchants that took PayPal. I did this because I felt PayPal offered better buyer protection than Visa, MasterCard and American Express when ordering from China.  

It wasn't my first order with this company and I have referred many people to them over the 2013 year.

It wasn't until this year, Jan. 4, 2014 that I discovered they had internal issues beyond repair and the forum post 1-11-2014 shows this company was and is in financial trouble and will use PayPal to bail them out by refusing refunds to select groups or should I say people that are not associated with Developer Groups like HTC.

Here's my order list so you can see I wasn't a first time buyer from this seller in China. 

  • Order Number: 130108551918 $339.83 paid via PayPal 1-8-2013
  • Order Number: 130130431392 $383.23 paid via PayPal 1-30-2013
  • Order Number: 130630306836 $215.28 paid via PayPal 6-30-2013
  • Order Number: 131107754803 $583.27 paid via PayPal 11-7-2013
  • Order Number: 131122152595 $443.44 paid via PayPal 11-22-2013

As you can see I made a few orders with SPEMall.Com and all of the above orders came in just fine until I made a Pre-Paid Xiaomi Mi3 64Gb WCDMA phone order. Order number 131107754803 for $583.27 which by December 22, 2013 I was getting worried that Xiaomi was not going to manufacturer phones for Europe or the USA because they were still focused on building out the Asian markets that consume more than the US and Europe combined. 

With the Finanical news and very little news from Xiaomi I opted to change my order so not to totally risk my investment with a Pre-Ordered product that may or may not be manufactured.

December 22, 2013 I emailed using internal customer service system a request to change my order. It took a couple of times to get them to understand I wanted to change my Xiaomi Mi3 WCDMA 64Gb phone to 3 K-Touch V8 phones. I was going to order the K-Touch anyway so why wait for Xiaomi I could order later the Mi3 if they ever produce it.

  • I changed my order and received only a box with 3 K-Touch V8 phones in it.
  • I was out $138.65 worth of accessories.
  • At first it was only accessories, I didn't know one of the phones was damaged until I placed my SIM card in it and couldn't get good audio from it.
  • I recieved my "Changed Order" on Jan 4, 2014 and submitted a RMA request for the defective phone that same day.
  • That was the start of all the troubles.
  • These resellers confused everything or at least that's what I thought in the beginning.
  • When I filed the RMA they said sure, ship it back.
  • I asked for the address they said to ship it postal mail.
  • I asked again for the address and they asked me about my missing accessories I told them about.
  • I talked about the Accessories and they asked me what was wrong with my phone.
  • I told them what was wrong with the phone and they told me to keep it.
  • I then asked when they were going to ship my accessoires and they told me soon.
  • I asked again for the return address and they told me their technician found nothing wrong with the phone and that I had to return it.
  • I asked for my money back and they ignored my request.
  • I filed a PayPal dispute but only could file for part of the order due to the time that had past from the Xiaomi order. 

My cliam with PayPal ended with this final note:

Disputed Amount: $62.52 USD
Status: We completed our investigation of this case and reached a decision. The claim has been denied because the tracking information provided for this return could not be verified.

PayPal requested that I return the products but gave me a limit of $250.00 to dispute and then offered the option to Cancel my Claim or to submit a tracking number returning all the products.

I felt things where going to go bad with this Chinese retailer SPEMall when they sent the DHL tracking number of the K-Touch phones and PayPal took it as the tracking number of the completed order.

Basically if the Chinese Merchant SPEMall.Com sends you an empty box you have no way to dispute the empty box claim. 

You will see "Upload Files" but their is no option link to do so, you have to submit everything in a text box of 1600 character limits. 

I thought if the DHL delivery driver could verify that one box was deliveried and the size of the box from a picture would show only 3 phones could have been in it my issue has been resolved.

No way with a single tracking number could you dispute the box size was too small to have additional items.

Well, there is no method of uploading pictures and when I asked how the it was all over. Can't open a dispute to dispute. In other words, no Appeal process for a bad investigation process on PayPal.

If you read the link to their forums explaining to the HTC group that their $500.00 phones are on the way. You may see the picture. My $62.52 claim is nothing compared to the PayPal profits of 2,000 Mi3 phones.
So when small customers are nothing it's time to leave and tell others like me not to purchase from this reseller.

For $62.52 which was less than half of my real losses this Chinese Retailer felt it was best to ignore me and not return my money or ship the order items.


I promise you this article will grow as I add all the communications from my account. The DHL driver is bringing another K-Touch which seems to be very popular here on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The HSPA+ G3 really is great since in many states and towns we will not see any LTE 1700Mhz and 2100Mhz services.

Only 6 phones sold with this band by the way, could have been a great little market place.

I know this sounds like more of a rant than a consumer warning about SPEMall.Com . It is just amazing how much the US Markets don't get the type of electronics we need and how few in China realize the direct consumer markets aren't restricted by imports as much as some European markets. 

Lessons Learned:

  1. DO NOT Pre-pay for any product.
  2. DO NOT purchase products from companies that cannot communicate perfectly in your language.
  3. DO NOT believe you are protected from the Empty Box shipment merchants by any PayPal buyers protection plan.  
  4. DO NOT purchase from SPEMall.Com or any affiliate of China Electronics Wholesale - Consumer Electronics Gadgets Dropship From China

I have learned my lesson and have already found other suppliers and told them where I would be placing my experience.

I'm an IT Consultant and have never had to publish an article about a merchant not shipping product since the late 90's and Ingram Micro shipping Intel Processor Boxes with No processors in them. It appears their warehouse people were stealing product and their accounting departments were accusing the small IT Consultants of fraud.

You win some and you lose some and in this case I lost more than the claim above due to this being a changed order on the Xiaomi Mi3 64Gb phone that doesn't seem to be in the plans for production. 

Not sure why anyone would order a $500.00 phone today with 16Gb of ROM. 

The Karma of the story:

I was setting up a nice not for profit referral section for all the components and electronics I have ordered over the years. Most all my oldest suppliers are still in the busienss. Now one is just not being talked about as a good merchant or supplier.

Sorry, So Sad for your lost product sales to my neighborhood.

I do not order for profit or for resell. I order for myself and my friends because most of them don't trust overseas suppliers as much as I do. I also advise businesses in my area and online with this website and my others who I have had good luck with. Those of you that know see just how fast I can remove kind words and publish failed busiensses. SPEMall.Com your issues and problems with shipping orders to the United States are equal to a fraud PayPal account. 

DO NOT USE SPEMALL.COM and their warehouse site.
Between Daly at SPEMall.Com and someone at China Electronics Wholesale - Consumer Electronics Gadgets Dropship From China, we have a theif and someone needs to be held resposible and that is SPEMall.Com using the following information: 

PayPal Account Info:

赵 代琼

I've been using another PayPal drop ship but after the issues with PayPal's dispute system I've emptied that account and opted for a escore account in AliExpress which I will publish my findings soon enough.



This Chinese Merchant seems to have had experience using the PayPal Buyers Protection against the buyer and to their advantage. It was like listening to the perfect symphony. The Timing was perfect. The Sound was perfect. But in the end, instead of making me smile the symphony ended with the movie soundtrack from JAWS.... SPEMall.Com was the Orchestra that turned JAWS on me personally and now I'm publishing my story so this doesn't ever happen to my readers.