Electrobuzz.org redirects to their new electrobuzz.fm address. 
Clearly this is a neglected server. is from Netherlands (NL) in region Western Europe
canonical name: server1.electrobuzz.org
Registered Domain: electrobuzz.org
From your above listed system:
Log 1:
2015-03-25 04:56:26  protocol 21320/tcp, source ip, Source Port 49925 Destination IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Destination Port 21320
1,955 Connection attempts between 2015-03-25 04:56:26  and 2015-03-25 17:54:46.
All scanning for same port 21320.
This is just a small sample and depending on the issue, number and available online records most reports should be able to give you enough information to make a service call. 
Not many people do this, I found it works really well if you're near business parks. 
More to come as the application gets fired up!
These are firewall logs. The XCtM works from actual infected port 80 connections. 
I'll be expanding that with my Python version. 
Give me 10% of your service on this one. They responded to my email with. what is the problem sir ? Kind Regards This will be the only manually entered XCtM Report. The remaining will not attempt to contact. This is why they are sales service leads. I look forward to making my technical sales commission from your service work.