Service Sales Leads from Network Log Reports.

Now that you finished reading how you can collect enough information to find infected servers I'll be sharing mine with you. 

It would be in the thousands if I published it today. 

I'm updating the XcTM project code to include tracking for players like the group in the science lab. I need to make sure those turkeys are not in my list. 

In a week it should all be backup and publishing hacked and malware infected machines with the owners names, phones and addresses. 

This applies only to registered business owners. 

If mistakes are found don't correct me, correct the managers of the IP Block. 

This is only a temporary list.


Service Lead 1

Thursday Mar 26 2015
Give me 10% of your service on this one. They responded to my email with. what is the problem sir ? Kind Regards This will be the only manually entered XCtM Report. The remaining will not attempt to contact. This is why they are sales service leads. I look forward to making my technical sales commission from your service work.

SQL Injection Tests

Thursday Mar 26 2015
When you need to test your SQL Injection prevention scripts it's always nice finding someone online that has all the newest and oldest lines in the book. You can't bet log reports unless you get in and actually delete them. I appreciate the effort Mr. TVDW.EU did. I didn't check to see if it was an open proxy, but I hope it was. You should cut down on the scan attempts. I typically ignore those under 20. I look at those over 100 but I write about those that scan over 7,000 times.




I will be publishing Sales Leads to those that know what networking is all about. If you read my story of how many service calls I got just by reviewing my own server logs you know this is a gold mine of opportunity. I typically don't list out of country but once the automated process is setup it will list all.