You've been sold for $0.10, or maybe your resell value is $25.00!

More and more I'm seeing websites popping up with my full name listed and even announcing that I have made an announcement with them.

Interesting thing is today we have to search for Yourself online to make sure we tell search engines to stop indexing us with websites you don't want to be associated with.

In this section in the Internet Privacy section I'm not going to pull punches and offer you some suggestions that you might want to use.

The Reselling of your name, email address, home address, and telephone number isn't new but when it actually affects your life or your business you would think it might be against some type of privacy law.

Privacy laws, let's take a look at them... "l...... .. .. " ok, it's a law so who enforces this type of law? Let's take a look.. "Searching.. l. .. .. " Ok, not any advertisements to assist the individual with their privacy online. Now, if its a breach of data and it's related to a government regulated industry then you're Ok, they just offer monitoring of your name so you know all the places it was sold.

Let's face it, your personal information online once sold is gone, out of control and you'll really not going to have much luck getting it removed.

But, and here's the fun things you can do with these buyers and resellers of your personal information. You can talk about how you didn't registry for your wedding and you didn't announce the birth of your baby and tell the world they must have purchased the data from XYZ Company.

You see, as a consumer in a seriously dominant retailers environment like the internet we have marketing companies that design and build these websites to promote products and services via internal and external advertisements.

Let me say it differently, they really don't care who you are they just want to use your name or a name that matches your name, city, state, street, email, phone so others will come in an use their website or web services.

I've been a big advocate on transparency with online websites. Every website that I have offers a "Delete Account" which doesn't hide your account like many other sites so they can claim numbers beyond what is real it deletes everything you posted saved etc. It's called Privacy and you are in control.

I also don't sell information about people for any reason. I've been offered $25.00 and even $1.00 per account to resell memberships that I have in another website. Sorry, that's not what privacy is about. When the website states clearly "We will offer your personal information to our third party...." well that's saying they sell your information. You've signed and accepted that. So now you're screwed and it's all on your shoulders.


But, when it's a website that you never signed up with it's called a mistake and they make sure everyone knows it's easy to use another person's name. Review sites which are a dime a dozen often have the main user as with the password of password. Try it, if you're able to post with simple made up non confirmed emails then it's a data collecting marketing site and the content is not anything they are interested in, believe me, marketing companies have their eye on something much bigger than one customer complaint.

Look for links to privacy groups as well as a few posts about my personal experiences. You're not in this alone I'll tell you there are millions of us that would like to have this privacy, personal information removed from all websites that you did notspecifically allow to use your personal information.

Remember, the only country in the world you have to Opt-Out of everything is the USA. I believe all other countries take the reverse. It's no wonder why we have the world's largest identity thief percentage when your information is used by default and it is up to you to remove it. That might be part of the job creation, you have to hire someone to monitor your name full time and even then they have limits of what they would help you with.

My Plan is simple, just don't join any online website that has anything about "Marketing and Sharing your information" in the policy. It's people the fuel this industry and if the people stop visiting them their fuel goes away. Remember war of the worlds the book?


It was said in 97 that corporate would find a way to bastardize the Internet, they were very successful. Your personal information is sold more and more today and you profit in what way? More spam, more fake websites, more wasted time. All because you offered your name to marketing company that resold your personal information