Internet Privacy or lack of.. Is it their job?

Here's your first screen shot. Have you seen this?


If you can honestly say you have seen this screenshot and have configured it you are about 1 in 1000.

The Internet isn't free and if you think advertisements are going to go away you are living in a sealed room with a broken telephone.

The fact is advertisements is what drives the Internet and pays for most all the news and events you see online today.

If we started to restrict the advertisers we would start seeing websites dropping offline or going fee based.

Personally I don't mind the tracking for advertisements. Ever since Google started really doing a good job at it I stopped getting all those Charles Manson Go back to School ads and those that thought I needed a date with a kid my kids age.

With targetted ads we can stop with the random "Oh my gosh" ads and get things that might actually inform. In fact, I get more technical ads even when I'm at BayouShopping.Com. It's funny reading an advertisement about things to do in Louisiana when I browse over to another site.

Anyway, you are offered a few tools and you are offered a few settings that can limit the amount of tracking software online actual does.

Some things to lookout for that I have seen more than once. Java, Adobe enable things you might have disabled when they update their software. Always make sure they ask to be installed and check your settings afterwards.

Flash is the biggest tracking folder second to java then cookies. (Fact is cookies are old fashioned today.)

I'll be posting how to "Limit" tracking and I say Limit because unless you have the source code to everything on your computer you'll never really know how much tracking is really going on.

XSS Examples Filters

Tuesday May 22 2012
XSS Filters is new for some browsers but it's not a new scripting process. XSS can be identified as Good and Bad. Most times it's a poorly scripted website or a simple mistake with a link. But my concern is a new advertisement format which actually promotes it's XSS (Cross Site Script) technique as a good marketing data mining method. Granted, it's good at what it does but when you look at the scripts you have to question if they are filtering enough to protect the privacy of those using the publisher’s website. Disclaimer: The code sample was taken from one of the advertisers. This is only used as an example and not to be taken as an endorsement or condoning of this practice.

IE XSS Filters

Thursday Apr 26 2012
Internet explorer has modified this page to prevent cross-site scripting. I’ve read about this error and also read about what people shutting down to avoid this warning IE offers. If it's your own website issue then you might take a look at the code a little better. It's something we all have to deal with. It's important to weigh out the risks. If it's your local trusted network then follow the PDF linked in the article.

Flash Super Cookies

Thursday Jul 14 2011
Flash Media Playing as it Records = Super Cookies! Count on them being very Persistent. This article is about Privacy and the fact that even after Super Cookies hit headline news sites are still forcing these cookies on your system even when you setup everything to deny cookies in your flash media adobe player or any other flash program.

Windows infocard.exe

Tuesday May 24 2011
Windows Communication Foundation infocard.exe Windows CardSpace Description from Services: Securely enables the creation, management, and disclosure of digital identities.

Your Privacy Sold


Online Privacy is a serious issue today. Are we doing what we need to do? Are we waiting for someone to do it for us? Most are likely to wait.