Firewall IP List for only the Best of IPs

Many blacklists offer some great insight to what the internet really has to offer.

I personally don't list IPs unless I know they are noteworthy.

The XCtM Project tracked Pharma Spam but only reported on servers that were used to spam that were actually located in Medical networks.

It's pure irony that a spammer would use a hospital as its spam source. Not to mention it has to be some type of network breach that goes unreported.

In either case, when I discover a few spam systems that are of interest I'll post them. I'll also post up a few of my favorite blocked Universities. (Always have a few of them listed.)

If you're looking for complete lists of blocked IPs it's easier to configure your firewalls to auto block then it is to manually update them. You have to be careful if you're running IIS or Web services not to include our friends that index.

If you're looking to protect your home network it might be time you purchase a router that can block by ports and start setting up things so you can use your network and others have to work harder to use it.

Remember, it's not if but when your network is used by someone.

If you view the Google Cached page you'll see a quick list but my list changes often.

If you need to know a blacklisted IP there are hundreds of online resources you can use. The IP list I keep is specific to traffic types and I do explain what I look for. It is not a simple port scan or IP scan that makes my list.