Email Security Made Simple by Someone Else.

I know I can really get into subjects about security so I've setup this Email Security under the Security Topics to be simple and simple is what it is.

First, let's remember that email isn't new and is so easy to hack if you are a simple password user.

Email logins are the favorite target for more people than you think.

I bet your Ex has even attempted a few times to access your email using your favorite dog's name.

Don't think others like credit collectors, information data miners and your classical hack hasn't tried.

What would a credit collect want in my email? Ha! Your password reset from your Online Bank Account. That way they can cut that check you haven't sent.

Did that get your attention? It should, it happens, you might be next and it's not limited to collections.

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Wednesday May 23 2012
Understanding the difference between Secured Connections and Secured Data is very simple. A connection is when you use something like your web browser to connect to a website. If the Connection is Secured with SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) then your communications from your browser (not computer) is scured to the remote server (single connection). This is not data encryption once the data arrives at the remote server or your computer. That is called Drive or Data Encryption which is secure but different from Secured Connection or Secured Tranmission of data.



Security Alerts about email often confuses people in that secured email and secured connections to your email while encryption is nice does a digital signature prevent interception if the connection isn't secured and I do not encrypt? So many questions about email security that need to be clearly spelled out.