You have a virus, now what?

Here's the top 2 list of things we found help how people cope with a virus.

  1. PANIC!, Jump up and down, screem like a little girl, cuss like a sailor and repeat until you are red faced and fighting mad.
  2. Turn off the computer and walk away until someone else uses the computer. Then blame that person for the virus.

Honestly the top 2 things we found came from business users that didn't follow the simple rules of updating and using safe surfing habits.

Actually the top things you should do are laugh about it and then identify what category of virus you have. Some are simple popups telling you that you are infected. These "Drive By" infections often come from websites or advertisements that were infected. It happens, typically our development machines see 2 to 3 viruses weekly and our research machines see viruses every time we use them. Do we use antivirus applications? Yes, do we still see viruses? Yes, and it's never going to stop if you really want to know.

So when you visited that website last night which installed a list like the image below what should you do?


 This list is long and if you're a follower of Metasploit and their framework package this is what you might find if you run the application with a few select antivirus programs enabled.

What I'd like to point out here is the types of exploits you might find coming from infected or bad websites. Not all websites that offer free virus installs are doing it knowingly so don't get on the webmaster for it. You might like to write down the last few websites you visited and have some one look into things if you're really serious about your new virus.

If you're running MetaSploit you might want to fire up that old computer because one day something could go wrong on your nice work computer.




Antivirus topics number in the thousands online today. As technicians we see viruses just as often as... Well lets just say we see our share. We will share some of our experiences that will or should help you keep your computer clean. It is important to follow a few rules.