IT Security Topics

Security topics are one of the "Hot" bloggers topics online. It's difficult at times to understand what is really going on when you have people writting about the same issue but offering nothing in the realm of information IT managers can use.

I have done my part over the years reporting to IT administrators compromised systems and have helped many identify the problem. It is a group effort not a single company or personal effort.

The Security topics I will host are from my findings not others. I may overlap at times or appear to overlap but most all the security issues I find are not those reported in mainstream blog media.

I have a couple interesting applications that have been running for just about 5 years now that report the habits of some of our MC in the IT world.

I used to offer IT public access to my list but most recently I have been added as a source for newly unreported compromised systems. This is good and bad.

The Good part is my system works. The Bad part is I was offering this information to the MC group. (Misguided Children)

I'll be setting up a simple email reporting process that will pull your abuse or noc email when something is spotted.

Security and IT cover hundreds of topics. In this section only a few security topics will be cover. As interest or needs change so will this section.

The list of security checks for basic computers and simple networks is well published online and hundreds of security experts with a few bloggers have good information online.

The fact that you are on this page shows you are interested in learning security.


Let's start with the basics that most of us overlook.

  • Backup your system

A backup is important because when something goes wrong you need to rebuild from when everything was working.

  • Backup your system

Backups need to be created before you make major system changes.

  • Backup your system

You should test your backup and recovery plan by actually doing it. One suggestion is to take a blank hard drive and recover to that drive. By actually testing your backups you will know for a fact that they work instead of just believing in the backup software.

The next thing you might want to know so you can sleep better is the answer to the question.

  • Can I be hacked?
  • Answer: Yes!

Security starts at these two points. Create your disaster recovery plan and never think for a minute you can't be hacked. Now Grasshopper, you have the Ying and Yang of Security . Now it is time you learn more.

IT Security topics will consume the better part of your day if you do not plan your reading properly. Starting off with the major sites that report new exploits you should also do a quick search of equipment you have running to find smaller sites that might have discovered something the big boys haven't.